Top Dubai Safari Tour Packages And Services Offered Via New Website

The Desert Safari (TDS), based in Dubai, is pleased to announce that their new website is now live. Through the website, visitors who want to see the best of what Dubai’s deserts have to offer can now sign up conveniently for the country’s top tour packages and associated services. Visit the website here:

Dubai is one of the most welcoming countries for tourists of all kinds in the region, and its beautiful, expansive desert landscapes are a core aspect of the country’s visual and cultural identity. It is also famous for artificial landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, but relatively few have had the distinct pleasure of experiencing the natural wonder of the sands outside the city. Away from the lights and noise of the city and other aspects of modern life that can only serve as distractions, many can find both a tremendous sense of peace and excitement in the desert. According to TDS, the scope of activities a guest can take part in will expose them both to the serenity of a quiet night under the stars as well as the rush of dune bashing — and everything in-between.

Several tour options are available, each boasting multiple amenities and a host of optional activities that guests can add to their tour for a nominal fee. Among the tours The Desert Safari organizes are the Morning Safari, Evening Safari, Camel Safari, Overnight Safari, Dune Buggy Safari, Hummer Safari and Hatta Oman Safari. Thrill seekers in particular are encouraged to talk to the company’s representatives to discuss how they can take part in the Dune Buggy Safari where they can personally drive a powerful buggy across the dunes (in safe areas the tour will direct them through). Each buggy delivers a roaring ride, and they range from 840cc to 2000cc (the latter is a two-seater). Similarly, the tour operator invites guests to take a look at their Quad Biking experience, which is also geared heavily towards those who would like to take control of their own desert adventure.

Visitors will be pleased to discover that The Desert Safari takes their safety extremely seriously, and each trip is carefully coordinated by expert guides whose primary goal is the safety of their guests. The Desert Safari is considered by many to be the best desert safari tour operator in the country, and their team has been delivering top-notch tours without serious incident for more than 15 years. They are able to perfectly balance each tour to ensure guests can achieve a sense of absolute freedom without undue risk to their health and well-being.

For instance, there are certain regulations in place to ensure the Dune Buggy Ride is safe. While minors are allowed to participate, the operator imposes a strict minimum age requirement of 16 years. A helmet and goggles (to protect from sand and wind shear) are provided on every ride as well, and guests are encouraged to respect each other’s space. Furthermore, the operator emphasizes that this ride is intended to be a guided tour, not a race, so excessive speeding is highly discouraged.

Notably, the Dune Buggy Ride can be paired with some of the other tours, allowing guests to mix and match for the best experience. Specifically, it can be paired with either the Morning Safari or the Evening Safari, and each combination offers a truly unique experience (that has some guests returning to try the other). According to TDS, the Morning Safari offers some of the most striking vistas of the desert, so they highly recommend that guests bring a suitable camera or smartphone to record this experience. The early morning sunlight turns the sands into a golden spectacle that few can even imagine.

However, the Evening Safari also has its share of beauty and wonder. This tour includes camel rides, sheesha, belly dance shows, a Tanoura Dance show, a fire show and even Henna painting for guests to participate in. The BBQ dinner at the end can also accommodate vegetarian diners.

Visitors who wish to take in the best of what Dubai has to offer are invited to contact The Desert Safari today for the experience of a lifetime out on the sands. Further information on each package can be found on the new TDS website. Contact details are available here as well their Facebook and Twitter page.


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