Top Debt Counselling Firm Helps Canadians Rebuild Credit Score

Surrey, BC - With locations Canada-wide, Business Solutions & Credit Counseling Services offers a road to financial freedom even in challenging times.

There has likely never been a more challenging time for Canadians to manage their credit and debt. Covid-19 lockdowns have stifled the citizenry’s ability to make a living, forcing many families to burn through savings and borrow money simply to make ends meet. Canadian debt counselling firm Business Solutions & Credit Counselling Services (BSCC) assists in all manners of debt and credit management for households struggling to stay afloat, and even improve their financial outlook. Their experienced team of counsellors is experts at helping Canadians maintain and even improve their credit score during these trying times, and they are simply one phone call away.

Credit counselling firm Surrey BC

BSCC's debt counsellor Avineet Kalsey encourages anyone who is even slightly concerned about their financial situation to call their team immediately to begin strategizing a way to stabilize and improve credit scores and debt management before it’s simply too late to avoid bankruptcy.

“It is easy to feel like our country simply won’t ever be able to dig itself out of the financial crisis we are now facing,” Kalsey says. “What is important to never forget is that now is not the time to increase the amount of money being borrowed, and to stay away from credit cards as much as possible. We have strategies and roadmaps available for people from all walks of life and all financial backgrounds that are excellent tools for navigating the unprecedented challenges of our time.”

Although the Canadian government offers a debt relief program which is really a legal debt settlement program, it can still be a black mark for Canadians looking to borrow money or extend their credit in the future. That is why Kalsey says it is important to look for ways to stay solvent while improving credit, and using debt relief as a worst-case scenario.

“Credit score improvement and debt management may sound like intimidating tasks, but they really are not,” Kalsey says. “This is especially true for those who are willing to spend even a few minutes with our counsellors who are more than ready to assist anyone willing to come through our door or pick up the phone. To those Canadians ready to take back their financial freedom, we want you to know that we are here for you at any time.”

About Business Solutions & Credit Counseling Services

With offices in Toronto, Surrey/Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Winnipeg, BSCC helps thousands of clients every year reduce their debt and start gaining a level of financial independence they never thought possible. Those interested in learning more about the company, its wide range of services and strategies, and how they can help, should visit the firm’s website at and give them a call as soon as possible.


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