Top Dating Blog Explains Why Meet Positives Was Started

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A top dating blog has delved into the reasons behind the creation of Meet Positives

MeetPositives has been providing dating services for people living with life long infections. A top dating blog has explained why the site was created and what it aims to achieve. Over the years, people have found positive singles on the dating platform and got the best online dating for positive singles on the site.

According to the blog, “MeetPositives CEO Jack Lombardi was inspired to start the dating platform after seeing the harsh social stigma his STD-positive friend faced. Jack’s friend married a woman who seemed all wrong for him. Later, after they divorced, Jack asked why his friend married this person in the first place. The friend confessed that in his first sexual experience, he contracted genital herpes. His dating pool became limited by his STD, so he ended up marrying the first woman who accepted him and his diagnosis."

According to the founder, “He felt isolated and didn’t have a lot of confidence. People need love, touch, and feelings. It’s already tough enough to date, and life throws so many curves at us that chip away at our self-esteem. To help his friend, Jack searched for a dating site for people with STDs and eventually found one. He put up a dating profile for his friend, who eventually met a woman who boosted his confidence Still, Jack described that dating platform as an afterthought. He wanted to create a more robust platform for positive singles. Out of this mission, MeetPositives was born.

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