Top Canadian Outdoor and Recreational Gear Store Sees Major Growth in 2021

Langley, B.C. - Despite COVID-19 lockdowns and quarantines, Poco Military is working hard to keep up with increased demand.

Like many small business owners, Matthew Baker, owner of POCO Military and Outdoor Supplies, was concerned about what kind of effect the COVID-19 pandemic would have on his outdoor gear and military surplus supply store. Thanks to the diversity of the company’s inventory in areas such as camping, hiking, gold panning, as well as its firearms, hunting, and fishing supplies, the business stayed very strong throughout 2020 and Baker says 2021 is looking to be an even bigger year so far.

Outdoor gear Langley BC

“Our customers are generally the type of person who is always thinking ahead and trying to be prepared for whatever life might throw at them,” Baker says. “COVID has forced a lot more people to start thinking that way when in the past they might not have thought about the importance of stocking up on essential items surrounding survival and prepping, extra clothing, emergency food, and other things like that.”

Poco Military is well known throughout the Langley, British Columbia, community and beyond for its massive variety of outdoor recreation supplies like camping and hiking gear, airsoft, paintball, clothing, and army surplus products offered at fair prices and in excellent condition. Through its website, POCO Military and Outdoor Supplies have dramatically expanded its reach across Canada. In-person and online shoppers alike lean heavily on the company as a supplier for all types of outdoor recreational gear for those activities where customers being in Canada have a host of opportunities to take advantage of in nature.

Although the company is a major supplier for survival-related products, Baker says sales on the recreational side of the business are remaining just as strong. He believes it may have to do with the fact that many people are no longer spending so much time in an office or are stuck at home due to quarantine or office closures. POCO Military and Outdoor Supplies offer a full lineup of paintball, airsoft, and fishing products as well.

“I’ve tried to shape the business into something people can depend on for a wide variety of things they need to make it through the day, or for those interested in taking up a new hobby or outdoor recreational activity,” Baker says. “It feels good helping people be prepared, and we really love connecting customers with a new hobby that oftentimes grows into a full-blown passion.”

With the continued support of many loyal and new customers, Baker says he is committed to helping people stay ready for whatever new challenges the COVID-19 pandemic may bring.

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