Top Baltimore Geothermal Heating Provider Expands Service Area to Maryland

Baltimore, MD - As demand for geothermal heating systems rises, Supreme Service Today has stepped up to offer peerless service and unbeatable quality.

Supreme Service Today, one of Baltimore’s premier heating, cooling and plumbing providers has announced today it is expanding its service area to include Maryland. The expanded market area means Supreme Service Today will now be able to offer its peerless service and quality to Maryland residents who are in need of dependable help. With the brutal east coast winters in full force, and with many people still stuck working at home due to the economic limitations of COVID-19, having reliable, functioning heating has never been more important for home office workers. The increased demand for quality service, coupled with Supreme Service Today’s expertise in geothermal heating and cooling systems, has paved the way for a period of serious growth for the company.

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“There is really no question that geothermal systems are only going to increase in popularity,” Denny Kougianos, owner of Supreme Service Today, says. “Their cost-efficiency over time is truly amazing, and the systems themselves are extremely reliable. For customers in this region of the country, geothermal is a must-have.”

Aside from the tax credits property owners receive when they install geothermal heating, there is a range of other benefits that make it a preferred method of heating and cooling over conventional systems. One of the biggest advantages is that geothermal pumps draw their heat source from continuous underground natural sources, instead of air-source systems that operate above ground. These conventional systems may struggle to work efficiently as they age and as temperatures change dramatically through the seasons on the east coast. Geothermal systems are extremely efficient and are constantly improving. They are certainly the most eco-friendly method of heating and cooling and will operate far longer than traditional above-ground systems.

Kougianos and his team love answering the questions of anyone who is curious to learn more about geothermal, and as one of the top geothermal providers in the region, more than ready to walk anyone through the steps of acquiring one of their systems.

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