Toothache Specialist Encourages Community To Seek Immediate Relief

American Fork, UT-based Palisades Dental is encouraging their community to waste no time in seeing a professional if they have a toothache. The dental office has taken multiple measures over the course of the year to ensure an uninterrupted service for their patients, and this means that no one will have to endure such pain for a single moment more than absolutely necessary.

“It’s been a difficult year for all of us,” observes Dr. Jeff Youngquist of Palisades Dental, “and we all want to see it end by finally getting the chance to relax and enjoy the holiday season. These plans might be upended if you wake up with a toothache one day, however, so we urge you to make an appointment with our office as soon as you notice something is amiss. We can give you a dental checkup, identify what the issue is, correct it and have you on your way to enjoy the season in peace in no time.” Learn more about Palisades Dental and their work at the following link:

Notably, the dentist cautions his community against postponing a visit to the dentist or ‘waiting it out.’ Some forms of minor toothache may come and go with time, but these incidents still warrant a check up to make sure nothing worse is around the corner. Similarly, what a patient may experience as minor pain today could be much more debilitating tomorrow, and the practice holds the position that it is always better to head off problems while they are in their infancy.

This is one of the primary reasons that the family practice recommends patients come in every six months for a check up, during which their staff carry out a series of routine procedures that are designed specifically to help maintain oral hygiene and dental health. Such procedures may include a teeth cleaning, thorough dental examination, dental X-rays and more, depending on what the dentist determines is necessary. Patients who place their trust in Palisades Dental are also rewarded by their staff’s commitment to comfort, so pain management and transparency are always high priorities during any treatment.

Dr. Youngquist adds, “Tooth pain, or any pain in your jaw, can indicate a variety of issues that need to be addressed immediately. Many tend to believe that their mouths will heal on their own and take the pain away in the process, but this is a dangerous assumption to make if you want to keep your teeth healthy over the course of a lifetime. A tooth infection, dental abscess, cavity and so on can make your life very difficult if they worsen — and it is likely that they will get worse, not better, without professional help. This is why you should reach out to us and have the experts take care of you.”

Reviews of the practice indicate that patients unanimously have a pleasant time during their visits, or at least are extremely satisfied with the outcome of any treatment they had to undergo. A 5-Star review from David Warren says, “They were very prompt when I arrived and did an excellent job being both thorough and efficient, all while making me feel comfortable. I had a couple issues that were more cosmetic in nature and felt I was presented my options in detail without my feeling that ‘salesy’ sort of pressure to schedule them right away or get them done. Overall, a great experience, and I would highly recommend this dentist office to anyone. Will be back in six months for another round.”

An excerpt from another review from Patrick McGibbon says, “Dr. Youngquist is extremely professional and is really a great dentist. You don't have to worry about him trying to sell unnecessary dental procedures. He is the perfect blend of conservative dentistry and strict attention to detail.”

More details regarding the services offered at Palisades Dental can be found on their official website and other online resources. Similarly, patients may contact Dr. Jeff Youngquist of Palisades Dental - American Fork, UT Dentist to follow up on any further inquiries. Learn more here:

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