TNL Helps Midwest Residents During Crisis

California based The Net Lender (TNL) has been working around the clock to bring financial aid to the communities they serve since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The company has attained a great deal of experience providing such assistance to individuals and families alike for several years, and this insight has allowed them to provide assistance to customers who were hit hard by the pandemic as well as the economic fallout that followed. Learn more about the financial aid provider, their services and their goals at the following link:

States across the Midwest have implemented orders that are meant to help curb the spread of the coronavirus, but these orders have had the unfortunate side effect of causing people to lose their jobs. Notably, even those who still have their jobs have likely been displaced to some effect, and workers who were previously paid by the hour have had to cut down on the time they can work. While several states, such as Ohio, Illinois and so on, issued stay-at-home orders with the intent of preserving American lives and reducing the strain placed on local healthcare systems, there was still a trade-off where local residents were nonetheless put at risk due to their inability to earn an income during this period.

Notably, this does not mean that states that did not implement restrictions were without issue. On the contrary, any area that experienced a large outbreak was likely to see its citizens suffer a great deal due to the strain this placed on each family’s ability to provide support to a loved one who fell ill. Given the infectious nature of COVID-19, entire households could be infected and have to quarantine themselves as much as possible — and any family member who endured more severe symptoms would in turn have to shoulder the heavy medical costs incurred by their treatment.

Here, a representative for TNL states that COVID-19 has hit some older people hard in rural areas, a fact that has prompted state officials to take measures in order to bring relief to these communities or minimize the impact of the virus. For instance, an executive order issued by Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts now extends Class O and motorcycle licenses for drivers aged 72 and older for one year (if they would expire between March 1 and December 31). Similarly, the Indiana Office of Community and Rural Affairs has announced that they will be awarding more than $1.96 million in federal grant funding to 13 rural communities through the new COVID-19 Response Program, and Missouri's Department of Transportation reportedly received a $61.7 million federal grant for rural transit as part of the CARES Act.

While measures such as these undoubtedly helped alleviate some of the pressure faced by Midwestern Americans, data from various sources shows that this assistance still tends to fall short of what is needed. As a result, people across the region are turning to platforms such as to make up the difference.

One of the main advantages of taking this route is the speed with which an applicant can receive the financial assistance they need. For instance, institutions such as banks are notorious for their long wait times as well as the many bureaucratic hurdles they place in front of those who apply for cash advances. While this may be a viable option in normal circumstances, those critical of the system have long known that securing financial aid during an emergency makes this process far more stressful to deal with, especially since an application may ultimately be denied.

In contrast, TNL’s system allows successful applicants to have their cash in hand in under 24 hours and borrow up to $50,000 at low and competitive rates. Fortunately for those who have suffered a string of financial setbacks, they also do not refuse applicants just because they have bad credit.

Midwest residents who need a quick cash injection to support themselves during this time of crisis need only reach out to The Net Lender through their website or customer service team to get started. More information regarding their relatively limited requirements can be found on their website as well, and social media users are welcome to follow the company through their preferred platform for additional updates. Learn more here:


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