Tire Replacement Service in New Orleans Discusses the Signs that Indicate New Tires are Needed

NOLA Automotive Repairs, a trusted tire repair service in New Orleans, wants their customers and others to recognize the signs that they need new tires or their tires need repair. They say that not only are tires one of the most critical pieces of equipment on any automobile but they are also one of the parts on cars that drivers most often take for granted. The company warns this should never be the case. This is because tires perform such vital roles on vehicles as helping with cornering and allowing a driver to maintain control of their car during inclement weather.

A representative of the company says, “You would not think of getting behind the wheel of a car that has no brakes and you should be just as concerned when driving a vehicle that has worn or damaged tires. They are that important to you and your family’s safety when driving down the road. Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes to check your car tires before you go somewhere and the warning signs your tires need to be replaced are fairly obvious in most cases.”

According to the company representative, visible wear is one of the most common signs that tires need to be replaced. Tire wear encompasses such concerns as tires having very little tread left on them or bald spots where the tread once was. These adverse tire conditions can cause driving to become extremely hazardous in wet weather. He says this is because they often result in what’s known as hydroplaning; this occurs when water is not being channeled properly from underneath the tires so the rubber on those tires no longer has significant contact with the road. It’s a condition that makes steering, handling, and breaking much less reliable. The company representative also talked about tire ‘blowouts’ being a big concern while driving on tires that are showing cords, have visible damage to their sidewalls, or have one or more bubbles appearing on their surface. It was also mentioned that they don’t recommend driving on tires that have outlived their factory warranty or that are making a vehicle shake or vibrate heavily as it picks up speed. Another aspect of car tires that the company representative cautioned about is prolonged driving on spare tires. Especially if that spare tire is smaller than the tires that are on the automobile. This is because these ‘space-saver’ spare tires are only meant to get a vehicle to a tire repair center so a new tire can be purchased and put on. They can be very hazardous to drive on for an extended time or at high speeds.

The company representative went on to say that anyone in the New Orleans area that does not feel confident enough to inspect their tires is welcome to drop by their service center to have this done for them. He added that they do tire checks for anyone free of charge. This service even includes checking the tires for proper inflation and adding air to them if it’s required. Other important services that the company representative advised getting done periodically include rotating & balancing car tires. It’s a service that he says should be done around every 7000 miles a car is driven. This will help extend the useful life of the tires on an automobile and it ensures added safety while driving too. Periodic wheel alignments are also very important to get done.

NOLA Automotive Repairs offers many other vehicle services besides just tire replacement and maintenance. This includes both minor and major engine & transmission work, complete brake services, car AC & heater repair, suspension & steering upkeep, and a variety of routine auto maintenance services such as oil changes and fluid level checks. The company representative added that all of their work is done by certified mechanics and technicians. Those in New Orleans and the surrounding areas that want to know more about NOLA tire replacement service can call them, send them an email, or request a quote by using the link found on their website’s homepage.


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