Tiny Rituals Offers Various Crystal Tower Choices

Encinitas, California -

Tiny Rituals, a company based in Encinitas, CA, wants everyone to know that they are offering crystals made of towers that can be used for energy healing and crystal therapy. It is important to note that crystal towers focus their energy in one particular direction, amplify energies, and help in setting and manifesting intentions. Reiki practitioners and energy healers often use crystal towers for healing, cleansing, and balance purposes. This is because the crystal tower can be used to direct a powerful energy flow to a particular part of the body, to a chakra, or to reflexology points.

Crystal towers can also be placed in one’s workspace, work desk, window sills, or shelves. Due to its shape, it can provide focused and intense energy that will improve a person’s ability to focus on tasks and be more productive at work. Another possible use of crystal towers is to cleanse the energy field of a room, for instance, for energy healing sessions, yoga, spiritual ceremonies, and meditation. It is believed that the focused energy from the crystal towers can balance and harmonize the environment. And crystal towers can also serve as effective centerpieces for crystal grids because they can collect, store, amplify, and emit the focused energy of the other crystals that are part of the grid.

rose quartz tower

One popular example of a crystal tower available from Tiny Rituals is the rose quartz crystal tower. This particular crystal tower is believed to be capable of opening the heart chakra, attracting love, and functioning as a beacon for beautiful things that people can find in their life. The rose quartz is considered as the stone of unconditional love and endowed with the capability to heal old wounds, fortify relationships, and ensure that people remain true to their one wild heart. This rose quartz tower they are offering is about 3 inches tall and has a 1 inch base.

Other types of crystal towers available from Tiny Rituals include the: blue apatite tower; serpentine tower; serene and stress free tower; tree agate tower; angelite tower; grounded and anxiety free gemstone tower; EMF protection tower; lapis lazuli tower; tiger eye tower; chakra tower; aquamarine tower; hematite tower; black tourmaline tower; amethyst tower; rainbow moonstone tower; and purple rainbow fluorite tower.

The blue apatite tower is used for helping improve the flow of communication, eliminate negative energy, and ensuring that people always follow their own heart. The apatite stone is attuned to the third eye and is all about communication and calling on wisdom. It is full of water energy and reminds people that still waters run deep and that life is sometimes like water with ebbs and flows.

The serpentine tower is full of ancient energies, magic and motifs. Paying homage to the kundalini serpent found at the base of the spine, this naturally patterned white and green gem is known to be capable of opening new pathways, cleansing the chakras, and encouraging people to shed their old skin. The serene and stress free tower is made up of high vibration crystals, particularly clear quartz, amethysts, angelite, lapis lazuli, howlite, and black tourmaline. Their purpose is to remove stagnant energy from the chakras.

The founders of Tiny Rituals had personally seen children in India, especially those who are living in poor communities, suffering from malnutrition. The company was established with the main purpose of helping these children in order to prevent vitamin A deficiency disorder by donating 10 percent of their revenue to make sure that the children will be given the appropriate nutrition. They want to protect these children from malnutrition by offering inspired spiritual jewelry. They always make it a point to offer quality gemstones with grade AA or better stones in their products that have been proven to be of great quality and have the wanted purpose and clarity.

Those who would like to know more about the products for the home or altar can visit the Tiny Rituals website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. Those who want more information can also get Tiny Rituals updates from their recent press releases.


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