Tiny Rituals Now Sells Crystal Malas

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Tiny Rituals, a purveyor of fine crystals and gemstones fashioned into jewelry and devotional objects, is announcing a new product collection: crystal malas. A mala is a string of beads used in meditation to count breaths, mantras, prayers, or intention. Mala is a Sanskrit word that means string, necklace or garland. The traditional full mala contains 108 counting beads and one larger guru or meru bead, and are finished with a tassel and a final knot.

Mala beads can be used a few different ways, and they are most traditionally used with the yoga practice of mantra, which may consist of an internally repeated phrase signifying a person’s hopes or aspirations, as a way of supporting the mind. A string of mala beads may be held in the hands while meditating with a mantra and used as a way of counting, perhaps passing one bead through the hands for each repetition of the mantra, until the mantra has been repeated 108 times. Tiny Rituals sells malas made of genuine crystal, each with the traditional 108 beads, for people to use with their yoga or meditation practice as a way of deepening or further connecting with their practice.

The mala has 108 beads because the number 108 is significant in the spiritual traditions of India, where the yogic tradition originated. To name a few reasons the number is considered significant, the Sanskrit alphabet has 108 letters, and it is said that the heart chakra is located at the convergence of 108 energy lines. Repeating a mantra 108 times, or taking 108 breaths, is thus said to help someone achieve enlightenment. Customers of Tiny Rituals can also choose between a variety of different crystals, depending on what calls to them most, or what their goals are for their specific yoga or meditation practice. The options for the crystal malas include blood red carnelian, deep purple amethyst, green aventurine, and black onyx. They even have a Chakra Psychic Mala which bead from a variety of kinds of stone chosen to represent each of the seven chakras.

For anyone who is overwhelmed by all the different kinds of crystals, or maybe doesn’t know where to start, Tiny Rituals is here to help them learn about crystal meanings and more. Their extensive blog covers such topics as must have stones for beginners, crystals that might help with sleep, as well as a number of articles describing the properties and uses for specific kinds of crystals. In addition to the blog, each product page also discusses the traditional meaning and some associations each stone has. For the mala made from Lapis Lazuli, a glittering blue and gold stone, the description notes that Lapis Lazuli is said to help people align with their own soul. Similarly, the description for the colorful Rainbow Fluorite mala explains that Rainbow Fluorite represents healing, cleansing, and balance. Malas from Tiny Rituals are hand knotted, and available with either 6mm or 8mm beads on sturdy silk thread.

It is important to note that mala beads come from a spiritual tradition with a rich cultural history and are not intended for use simply as jewelry or adornment. To use mala beads in a way that is not intentional and connected to a meditation practice may be considered disrespectful to the people and traditions that created them. For customers who are more interested in jewelry than mantra meditation, or customers looking to add more ritual to their life but who maybe don’t connect to this specific ritual, Tiny Rituals sells a variety of crystal and gemstone products to cater to a variety of tastes and needs. Additionally, Tiny Rituals was created as a way to help children at risk of malnutrition in India, and 10% of the profits from every sale Tiny Rituals makes is donated to organizations working on supplying essential nutrients to the children who need them most. Anyone interested in learning more about Tiny Rituals or browsing their selection of quality crystal and gemstone products can visit their website and social media profiles.


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