Tiny Rituals Celebrates New & Unique Crystal Bracelets From Its Energy Gemstone Collection

Online jewelry store Tiny Rituals is promoting its brand new range of crystal bracelets that are designed to harness the latent power of eclectic and underutilized gemstones that have the potential to dramatically turn around one’s life.

Tiny Rituals has an energy bracelet collection that includes bracelets crafted from gemstones such as African Jade, Kyanite, Kunzite, Azurite, Golden Obsidian, Apatite, Rainbow Hematite, Bloodstone, Dumortierite, Snowflake Obsidian, Green Jade, Hematite, Indian Agate, Black Agate, Botswana Agate, Light Blue Jade, Orange Calcite, Tree Agate, Peridot, Carnelian, Multi-Amazonite, Smoky Quartz, and more. Each of the listings is accompanied by a detailed description of the effects of the gemstones and the abilities that they impart to the wearer.

tiger eye bracelet

A spokesperson for the company talks about the sheer amount of choice on offer by saying, “The gemstone energy bracelet listings on our website can be studied for hours. We recommend that you take your time to browse through our entire inventory to find the gemstone whose capabilities match your exact needs. We have already crafted all of the designs such that they are enticing as jewelry and will be a great accessory to embellish any wardrobe or personal style. However, you should also do your own research on what the gemstones on sale can offer you on a spiritual level as the power of their aura is not to be underestimated. Within a few minutes of browsing our store, we guarantee that you will find a gemstone bracelet that not only tickles your design sensibilities but also offers you the much-needed boost to face life with renewed energy and vigor.”

The company spokesperson then cites the example of one of its more popular items, the Tiny Rituals Tiger Eye Bracelet, to convey the value of the harmony of great looks and effectiveness. The listing of the aforementioned item says, “This earthly Tiger Eye Energy Bracelet will fill you with determination and courage and help dissolve all the toxic feelings that can hold us back. Like the animal it is named after, the Tiger Eye draws on deep inner strength, clear thinking, practicality, and gorgeous grace. For those who feel they need solid ground beneath their feet, courage in their heart, and stable moods, then this could be the perfect stone for you. Perfect for those who need to stand straighter, speak louder, and bring their yin and yang back into balance. Tiger Eye is famed for its healing ability when it comes to cleansing third-eye chakras, soothing the throat, and strengthening spinal columns so you can move through this world with pride and a passion that doesn’t trip you up.”

Apart from producing high-quality gemstone and jewelry products, the company also has a charitable side that makes buying its products a wholesome proposition. The company says that it believes in making a difference in the world and hence 10% of its profit goes to protecting children in need through the non-profit organization SevaChild International and an additional 10% of profit is allocated towards supporting other charitable and environmental initiatives. The company’s initiative to tackle Vitamin A Deficiency Disorder (VADD) by donating 10% of the profits to supplying vital nutrients to at-risk children in India was inspired when its founders traveled to the South Asian country in 2007.

All of the company’s gemstones are grade AA or better to ensure quality, clarity, and purpose. The company also offers discounts to those that sign up on its website using their email address. Tiny Rituals has also partnered with Faire to accept wholesale orders. It also runs a referral program where customers can give their friends $10 off their first order just to receive $10 off their own following purchase. The company’s Tiny Ritual Ambassador Program is also open to outgoing individuals who are active in their communities and are committed to helping children in need.

Readers can follow the company’s press releases to keep up with its updates by heading over to the link: https://www.pressadvantage.com/organization/tiny-rituals.


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