Tiny Rituals Announces Zodiac Gemstone Bracelets

Tiny Rituals, a seller of crystal and gemstone products, is announcing their zodiac bracelet collection, a collection of sets of gemstone bracelets curated for each of the zodiac signs. The bracelets are made from genuine gemstones which have been sourced sustainably from around the world and are guaranteed to be authentic. Each zodiac bracelet set contains 4 bracelets with 4mm round gemstone beads strung on a durable, stretchy cord. Purchases of gemstone products also give back, as a portion of each sale is donated to fight malnutrition in children in India.

The company was founded after the owner traveled to India in 2007 and witnessed firsthand the suffering wrought by malnutrition in children in impoverished communities in the country. They created the company to raise money to supply at risk children with vital nutrients to combat Vitamin A Deficiency Disorder, which is a problem for many children. Ten percent of profits from the company, therefore, goes to support the prevention of this disease.

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As the name suggests, Tiny Rituals designs their products around small rituals or habits that support wellness by helping a person stay mindful and grounded in the current moment. The designs are inspired by intention, ritual, and meaning, including long-standing traditions around gemstones and what different stones might represent or support in a person’s experience of their life and their world. For example, the zodiac bracelet sets include four gemstones chosen because they are associated with aspects of each star sign. For logical, organized Virgo, they chose Peridot, Moss Agate, Amazonite, and Rainbow Fluorite for their gentle, nurturing associations that can nudge people away from the self destructive cycles of perfectionism that people with Virgo in their birth charts are said to be prone to. Each star sign’s crystal bracelet set is chosen in this way, with unpredictable Gemini getting a selection of gemstones associated with balance and grounding, and dreamy, emotional Pisces having an associated bracelet set thought to bring light to dark places.

The product page for each of the zodiac crystal bracelets includes descriptions of the traditional associations with each gemstone so customers can understand the meaning behind their bracelet set. For example, Rainbow Moonstone, one of the gemstones in the Pisces bracelet set, is described as such:

“Rainbow Moonstone is an ever-glowing light that leads you through the darkness of the forest. The luminous stone fills your heart with the powers of protection, helping you to put one foot in front of the other as you follow the compass of your own intuition.”

Each gemstone has a similarly evocative description, which brings products across the entire online store to life through rich storytelling, and brings customers in touch with the rituals and traditions that inspired the products and the company name. Anyone looking to bring more intention to their life can read through the descriptions of various products and gemstones to find the ones most aligned with their interests, so they can have a quality gemstone token to remind them of their hopes and dreams on a regular basis, which will in turn support them in reaching their goals. In addition to the zodiac crystal bracelet sets, Tiny Rituals sells a variety of crystal and gemstone products, including other jewelry options, and gemstones cut into various shapes.

Every purchase made from Tiny Rituals helps to make a difference in the world, as the company donates 10% of their profits to protect children from malnutrition and another 10% of their profits to other charitable and environmental initiatives. This way, people know that they are helping people and the environment when they buy high quality gemstones and crystal jewelry from Tiny Rituals. Tiny Rituals only sells gemstones that are rated grade AA quality or better, to ensure all of their customers will be happy with their beautiful gemstone purchases. In addition to crystals, the store also stocks incense and books about crystals for people interested in learning more about how people have used them in the past. Anyone interested in perusing the quality gemstones sold by Tiny Rituals, including the zodiac crystal bracelet sets, can visit their website.


For more information about Tiny Rituals, contact the company here:

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