There’s Still Time to Do Exterior Painting Work for the Home or Business, Says Battle Born Painting

Battle Born Painting, a company based in Reno, NV, is advising homeowners and business owners that there is still time to have the exterior of their home or business establishment painted if there is a need for it. They want to point out that there are six signs that homeowners and other property owners need to look for to determine if the exterior of the house or building needs a new paint. These include: fading paint; flaking, cracking, or bubbling paint; signs of wear on exterior surfaces; hardened caulk; perpetual dirt; and signs of water damage.

Will Reyes, owner of Battle Born Painting, says, “Knowing when your house needs a fresh coat of paint is important. Take a look at the exterior and note any problems you see. Is paint peeling off the siding? Does the trim look dirty? Do you see mildew on the walls? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’re overdue for paint service.”

He continues, “A professional painting of your home’s exterior involves more than just rolling on a new layer of paint. Skilled painters take the time to prep, clean, and prime the surface before they even think about paint color. This is the only way to ensure your freshly painted surface will stand the test of time.”

The services offered by Battle Born Painting will be provided by a professional team made up of experts in exterior painting. Everyone of them is skilled and experienced on how to expertly paint the exterior of a house or building. The exterior of the home or building can be made up of a combination of materials. The skilled painters from the company are knowledgeable and experienced on how choose the proper tools and the best paint for every project. It should be noted that no painting jobs are like, which means that it is vital to consult with a painting company before deciding on a painting project.

There are a number of commonly painted exteriors. These include house walls, garage doors, fascia and soffits, decks, sheds, and fences. During the first meeting between the client and Battle Born Painting, the company’s contractors will specify the best course of action for that particular project. The painting professionals will assist the client in making the necessary choices, such as the colors and the kind of paint and how long it is expected to dry.

Aside from exterior painting, Battle Born Painting offers a range of other services. These include interior painting, cabinet refinishing, stucco painting, commercial painting, residential painting, fascia painting, floor resurfacing, deck and fence staining, professional office painting, medical office painting, epoxy floors, wood staining, concrete floor repair, bathroom / kitchen resurfacing, and sanitizing services.

They want to advise homeowners that when they are planning to make a change in their home, interior painting should be the first thing to do. This is because a brand-new paint color is one the most effective methods of transforming a room. For this, choosing the most appropriate color for a room is important. The choice of color is actually a personal one as it reflects the personality of the person and the function of the room.

Cabinet refinishing or painting is often a good idea for those who want to update or change the appearance of the kitchen. Dirty cabinets with peeling paint, grease stains, dull surfaces, and rusty hinges can really make the kitchen look dingy and old. Providing a fresh coat of paint for the cabinets is the most the economical strategy for making the cabinets look like new again.

They can also provide stucco painting, which offers a great way to modify the color of the home. This textured finish is often used in Northern Nevada. However, it is vital that homeowners avoid doing the stucco painting on their own because it requires a lot of experience and training to do it properly.

Those who are looking for a provider of exterior painting services in Reno and neighboring areas may want to check out the Battle Born Painting website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. Their services areas aside from Reno include Carson City, Sparks, Sun Valley, and Northern Nevada.


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