The Youth Fountain Brings Coolsculpting To NJ Residents

Freehold, NJ based The Youth Fountain is pleased to invite the members of their community to schedule their next Coolsculpting session at their earliest convenience. The beauty clinic specializes in helping their customers bring their inner beauty to the surface, and they are always willing to discuss the many avenues by which they can help make this happen.

For those new to the subject, Coolsculpting is widely considered to be the world’s most popular and non-invasive fat reduction treatment. The Youth Fountain explains that this is an FDA-approved procedure that has given millions of people around the globe the ability to quickly get rid of fat in difficult areas without having to deal with the aftermath of surgery or spend a long period in recovery. In short, Coolsculpting helps patients do away with fat in areas that have proven resistant to everything else an individual can try, including the toughest diets and exercise routines.


As the name implies, Coolsculpting utilizes a form of controlled cooling (also known as cryolipolysis) to identify and kill fat cells without damage spilling over into the surrounding skin. The beauty of this technique lies in the fact that no surgery is needed to remove these dead cells — the body’s natural mechanisms kick in and eventually flush them away through the urine. This subtle approach to fat loss means that patients will have to wait a short period to see noticeable results, however. The Youth Fountain explains that they can usually expect to see improvements within the first three months following their last treatment.

Dr. Emil Shakov of The Youth Fountain adds, “This in itself is an advantage that each and every one of our patients discover they are delighted to have. A sudden change in body type can leave them feeling like they have to get used to their body again, but Coolsculpting allows them to grow into their new and improved self without that abrupt difference. Similarly, this gradual change will not seem out of place to the people in their lives. A striking difference may seem great in before-and-after pictures, but a slow one might be easier on the nerves. It is important for us to afford you this opportunity because we prioritize your sense of well being every time you visit us.”

The doctor states that Coolsculpting can be used to correct a number of problematic areas, including a double chin, the upper arms, inner and outer thighs, the space beneath the buttocks and more. He encourages those interested to research Coolsculpting thoroughly to discover all it entails.

Many glowing reviews for The Youth Fountain can be found on their Facebook page, and patients regularly praise the beauty clinic’s warm and approachable staff as much as the services on offer. For instance, Shannon Masterson writes in her recommendation that, “The front desk, the assistant and the doctor were all wonderful! Everything was explained thoroughly. I felt comfortable asking all my questions. Before the procedure was even started, I felt very informed. I also felt we were all on the same page regarding my goals and expectations. My comfort was an obvious priority to the doctor, and I was made to feel comfortable the entire time! I cannot say enough about how pleasant my first experience was at the Youth Fountain! I will certainly be returning, and I have already recommended the Youth Fountain to my friends and family!”

Similarly, Robin Novak Wyatt shares that, “I can’t say enough good things about my experience at The Youth Fountain. At 40, I needed a little help to look less tired, and Dr. Rada Shakov was kind, patient and never pushy while we discussed options. My filler treatment was pain free and so natural looking. Two thumbs up! Highly recommended!”

More information regarding Coolsculpting and the various other services offered at The Youth Fountain can be found on their website as well as their GMB listing. Those who wish to follow up on any further inquiries with an expert are also welcome to reach out to Dr. Emil Shakov or Dr. Rada Shakov to get started.


For more information about The Youth Fountain, contact the company here:

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