The Wildfit Challenge Is A New Wellness Program By Health Coach Kerry Dell

KEPS Health, a health and wellness center that offers a variety of health programs in Auckland, is encouraging potential clients to find out more about its services. The center’s health programs are perfect for individuals in dire need of guidance and structured programs to improve their physical and mental health and wellbeing. Readers can find out more about KEPS Health by heading to its website.

The center is headed by Kerry Dell, a life transformational specialist who focuses on nutritional science, food psychology, and behavioral change. She helps her clients reduce their metabolic age, lose weight, get rid of aches and pains in their bodies, and bring back their energy and vitality.

Kerry Dell KEPS Health

The center offers numerous health programs that can be tailored to every individual’s needs. The Wildfit Challenge, one of its flagship coaching programs, addresses things like emotional eating, sugar cravings, binge eating, and late-night snacking. The unique, educational, and award-winning 90-day online coaching program highlights an individual’s relationship with food and how certain habits can be changed to eradicate certain cravings forever.

When asked to elaborate on the program’s methodology, Kerry says, “We live in world of constant temptation. Our primitive bodies weren’t exactly designed to resist the cravings that the conveniences of modern life offer. When you join the Wildfit program, we analyze your food-related behaviors by striking up a conversation with you that bores deep into your relationship with food. Our aim is to reset that relationship so that it is healthy and fulfilling. We focus on food psychology, behavioral change, and nutritional science. The result is an end to stressful eating and sugar cravings with increased energy, better sleep, weight loss, glowing skin, and much more. All results are sustainable as we teach you to eat a natural human diet, the way our ancestors ate, and the way our DNA is programmed to live in full vitality. To find out more about the Wildfit program and to contact us with your questions, visit us on Facebook. We will get you started on your journey to optimum health.”

A testimonial highlighted on the center’s website where a client talks about her experience with the Wildfit program says, “After being through breast cancer and picking up a huge amount of weight due to treatment, I’ve now lost a total of 17 kilograms after joining Wildfit with Kerry Dell. You will change your life. You do not want to miss this opportunity. Feel energized, have no more pain, sleep well. Why not do it, for you? Join today.”

Another testimonial by a satisfied client that went through the Wildfit program says, “I’ve been a member for the Wildfit program for about 10 weeks. The program was introduced by Kerry. The program has changed my life. It is not just about losing weight. It has also helped me focus clearly. I am more productive at work. I sleep better. My skin is better. It is pretty much life-changing. So I can’t thank Kerry enough for introducing me to Wildfit and I can’t stop talking about it to my friends. They really do notice the difference in me as well. I really recommend it.”

Kerry Dell is a Certified WildFit Coach, an approved Mindvalley Coach, certified in Nutrition, Anatomy & Physiology, Meridians, Geopathic Stress and holds Diploma's in Hypnotherapy, Reflexology and Therapeutic Aromatherapy. She has also spent over 20 years in personal development programs. The 90-day Wildfit Health Transformational Challenge is her most popular program.

To serve its clients, the center uses the latest technologies in the exciting field of Health Scanning such as the Life Intelligence Bio Resonance Scan and the Quantum Resonant Analyzer. A Bio Resonance Scan can identify the imbalances in the subject’s health, by scanning their entire body. In case a client is experiencing fatigue, depression, anxiety, bloating, constipation, arthritis, joint pain, acne, eczema, skin issues, irritable bowel syndrome, trouble focusing, headaches, or chronic inflammation, a Bio-Resonance scan can identify the cause and then Kerry can outline a treatment plan.


For more information about Keps Health, contact the company here:

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