The Virtual Run Challenge Announces the Virtual Turkey Trot 5k Run 2020

The Virtual Run Challenge, based in Vero Beach, FL, has announced a virtual event, the Virtual Turkey Trot 5k Run 2020, which is expected to be the biggest Virtual Turkey Run in the US. This is based on the popular Thanksgiving runs but it is virtual so runners can do their running from anywhere. Now that group turkey trot runs are being cancelled over the US, people may go and sign up for the next best thing, which is the Virtual Run for 2020.

The 2020 Revenge of the Birds virtual turkey run would be standard 5K this year. The concept is that the turkeys are getting back what is theirs and with that, there will be a stampede on the streets. Participants can race alone, dressed in their favorite Thanksgiving or autumn attire, or they can run with a group of friends, appropriately social distanced, of course, and participate in winning the “Biggest Flock” award.

Those who are interested can simply register on The Virtual Run Challenge website. Their race day packet will be emailed a few weeks before the race is open. Participants can choose the day and time that they prefer. They can run the race anytime and anywhere. Any place will do, including on a treadmill.

Each participant will have to keep track of his or her time. It is suggested that participants use a smart watch, fitness tracker, or smartphone to record their time. After the race, they can screenshot a picture of their final results and then log into the results page and post their time.

Participants do not even have to complete the race distance all at one time. This is because the goal of the virtual run is to get people out there to reap the health advantages of running. Any skill level is welcome to participate and each one can run at his or her own pace. It is only important to record the times for each segment if a participant runs the race in multiple segments.

The rules for the virtual turkey trot will be quite lax to allow more people to participate. People can bring their dogs and wear any outfit. Those who have small kids may even use their double-jogging stroller to bring along their kids. The race packet will provide all of the necessary instructions and all that participants will need to do is run, jog, or walk.

Of course, winning a medal provides the excitement for the virtual race. Medals will be sent out after all results have been logged and verified. It is estimated that it may take three weeks after the race for a participant to receive a medal.

In addition, children may also participate in the virtual turkey trots as there are no age limits. Kids may even get a discounted registration fee. Thus, families can be together in this virtual run. With the weather becoming cooler, the virtual turkey trot offers an ideal way for the family to spend time together outdoors while engaging in a healthy activity.

The Virtual Run Challenge began as a group of individuals who came together to share their enthusiasm for movement and to establish a unique way to raise funds and increase awareness for causes that affect everyday lives. They have been very active in the traditional race industry and they have been involved in various races all over the world, experiencing first hand how the bond of running may help bring people together. It is therefore their goal to provide people the same race experience on their own location and terms and experience that same bond on a much bigger scale. Their goal as a company is to provide the most dynamic and challenging fun virtual runs in the industry. They want to get people running and moving by motivating them.

Those who would like to know more about the 2020 virtual turkey run may want to check out the website of The Virtual Run Challenge, or contact them on the phone or through email.


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