The Village Preschool Helps Parents Decide Where To Send Their Children

California-based Children's Village Preschool of Orange is keen to help parents discover the best Santa Ana Preschool Program for their children. While the preschool considers itself among the top contenders for parents to consider, they recognize that each family will have unique needs and preferences. To accommodate this, the children's preschool has published a new blog post that lists the top five programs in the area.

In addition to Children's Village Preschool of Orange, the list includes Orange County Head Start, Kinderland Academy, Love 2 Learn Preschool & Kindergarten, and South Coast Kindercare. Children's Village Preschool of Orange encourages parents to take a long look at each preschool to determine how their respective strengths would suit their needs. They say each is an excellent candidate, and it is almost impossible to make the 'wrong' choice anywhere on this list since their child is sure to receive the best education and care. However, each preschool also has distinct characteristics, and one or more may suit a family's situation better than the others.


Orange County Head Start, for instance, offers excellent child development programs that target their educational, emotional, social and physical growth while fulfilling their nutritional requirements. Their preparatory programs are also geared to develop language and cognitive skills, early reading skills, science and mathematical skills, health, social skills, etc.

Kinderland Academy is similarly committed to ensuring the children in their care benefit from a safe, secure, and healthy environment. Their curriculum also explores a wide range of subjects to help children pursue their respective interests and broaden their horizons in an appropriate manner. Teachers here are known to give each student personal attention where possible. Their Santa Ana preschool program incorporates several activities to help them develop their sense of empathy and connection to the world around them.

Parents who wish to learn about the Village Preschool can find a lot of information in this post. The preschool was founded on the belief that "children learn best when exposed to a demanding setting that includes various important hands-on activities and experiences. Our opinion is that preschool children should be allowed to explore their environment to acquire a strong sense of problem-solving and decision-making skills." With its convenient location only a short distance from Santa Ana's heart, Children's Village is perfect for parents who want to help their children start flexing their intellectual muscles.

Every aspect of the school has been established from the ground up to support this endeavor, including its curriculum, interior and exterior spaces, and even its furniture arrangement. Children's Village agrees with parents that children need to be provided with protection, nourishment, and opportunities to recuperate to keep them functioning at their best, both in terms of their academic progress and psychological and emotional stability.

While much of this approach relies on tried-and-tested methodologies, the preschool understands that personal interaction and community values are integral to a child's development. They explain, "The goal is to stimulate children's imaginations while also being conscious and sensitive to their emotional needs. We also want to promote and facilitate their social development by offering opportunities for them to develop positive self-esteem."

In their review of the preschool's Google profile, Elizabeth O'Hara says, "Love, love, love Children's Village! My daughter attended PreK and loved it. In her first week, she saw butterflies come out of their cocoon and got to release them outside, fed bunnies and chickens, and watched chicks hatch out of eggs in an incubator. They target learning through exploration and observation during hands-on activities. This is an awesome school your child will love. Drilling letters and numbers is not age appropriate and caused my daughter to not want to go to her previous school. She was excited to go to Children's Village every day."

Parents who want to see what else the preschool can offer their children are invited to contact Alan and Cristiane Foster of Children's Village Preschool of Orange. More information about the Orange preschool and other great Santa Ana preschool programs can also be found in their full blog post.


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