The Truth Behind Drug Testing And Marijuana’s Role

Scurry, Texas: Vertava Health of Texas examines marijuana in terms of how regularly it is used and types of drug tests for the substance in its recent blog post titled Accuracy For Marijuana Testing Widely Unknown.

Drug testing is commonplace in many areas from schools, to jobs, to probation requirements. For people who have taken marijuana, they understandably have concerns over looming drug tests and the stress of knowing marijuana can be detected long after use.

Many complex issues make this question not-so-easily answered, the article states. Depending on the method in which marijuana is used, duration, frequency, and metabolism rates are all factors for test accuracy. The toxicology screening, involving urine or blood samples, may be required as part of the application process, enforced randomly during employment, or enforced as a probation requirement. One-time users might test positive up to eight days after use, and daily users could test positive up to 60-plus days, due to THC being absorbed into the fatty cells of the body.

A positive test can have serious consequences depending on who is being tested. Financial stability or educational opportunities can be lost. Being non-compliant to court requirements could cause suspended jail times to be revoked. There are many other ways a positive test can impact someone’s life and the article further explores this.

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