The Treehouse Announces Name Change To Vertava Health Texas

Dallas, TX - The Treehouse, the addiction and mental health treatment facility just outside of Dallas, Texas, announced a name change recently. The facility is now known as Vertava Health Texas, which indicates forward momentum and new goals for a facility with years of experience in treating Texans and anyone else who is seeking addiction recovery treatment. The decision showcases a steady, professional dedication to helping those in need.

Now a member of the growing Vertava Health network, this facility joins many others that also offer evidence-based treatments that are guided by individual assessments of each client. Vertava has always been strongly committed to achieving the best results possible for each person they see, regardless of the name on the building.

Woman free from substance use

The rebranding is more of a renewal of the commitment that the facility has made to compassionate care. The focus hasn't changed because of the name change to Vertava Health Texas; the focus is sharper while the network grows wider.

Vertava Health Texas offers treatments for substance use and mental health disorders, along with treatments made for co-occurring disorders as well. A co-occurring disorder is characterized by someone struggling with mental health and a substance use disorder. It can be anything from generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and an addiction to heroin, or clinical depression and opioid use disorder (OUD)

The inpatient treatment program at Vertava Health Texas delivers the industry standard in addiction recovery care. Inpatient care could mean detoxification (“detox”), a procedure that is always completed in a medically supervised setting.

Every person seeking treatment at Vertava Health Texas will be assessed in order for the treatments to focus on very specific needs. All treatments are evidence-based, with years of study and results providing proof of their efficacy. By staying focused on the individual, Vertava Health Texas has committed to only treating that which needs to be treated, rather than applying the same methods to each person, which can lead to lost opportunities and time.

Vertava Health Texas also knows recovery is a long-term journey, with many goals along the way. Many professionals are employed at the facility in order to leverage deep knowledge and experience for guiding those with substance use disorders, mental health disorders, or both, into long-term recovery. Medical staff is always on-site to focus on the safety of each client in recovery. All layers of treatment at Vertava Health Texas are overseen and carefully carried out by professionals with years of experience. Those professionals are also people who have had a hand in guiding many recovery journeys. That compassion has led the way for Vertava Health Texas to touch the lives of more and more people, year after year.

Vertava Health Texas is situated in the stunning environment of Texas, a place that seems to have the sky resting atop its landscape. Those beautiful surroundings play a role in this addiction recovery facility, one that incorporates evidence-based treatments for guiding clients through struggles and on into long-term recovery. Vertava Health Texas sees the strength inside each client and knows it will play a key role in their healing. Call Vertava Health Texas any day to discuss treatment.


For more information about Vertava Health of Texas, contact the company here:

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