The Office Cleaning Group Using Hospital-Grade Disinfectant Fogging for Medical Cleaning

The Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Company, which is a leading provider of commercial cleaning services in Sydney, is now using the cutting-edge disinfectant fogging method for medical cleaning. The company reportedly provides commercial cleaning services to a variety of business premises all over Sydney. They have certified medical cleaners service in Australia with experience in the cleaning of hospitals, laboratories and other healthcare centres.

One of the core parts of medical cleaning is disinfecting, which refers to the process of killing germs and viruses in an area. This is particularly important in medical premises, as the probability of cross-contamination is higher there. For the purpose of medical disinfection, most companies use standard disinfectants, including detergents and cleaning solutions. The Office Cleaning Group uses the most advanced disinfectant fogging technology, which has been certified to kill up to 99.99% of germs, viruses and bacteria in a commercial facility.

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“From the beginning, we have been committed to providing the best cleaning services to all our clients across the industries. We invest significantly in the latest technologies and cleaning methods to consistently meet or even surpass the expectations of our clients. To ensure safe and complete disinfection of medical premises, we now use the advanced disinfectant fogging technique, which involves the use of a sprayer gun to disinfect high-traffic areas and possibly contaminated surfaces,” says a company representative.

The fogging disinfection method that the company uses is based on electrostatic technology, where negatively-charged sanitiser particles are sprayed on an infected surface, thus covering most part of the surface and eliminating as many germs as possible. The cleaners use a gun-like machine with the Zoono-71 sanitiser to easily & properly disinfectant high-traffic areas and frequently touched surfaces, including door handles, water faucets, lift buttons, phone receivers, mobile phones, touchpads, tabletops, toilet seats, etc.

The fogging method is said to be much more effective than traditional methods, including wiping, as it can effectively clean as well as disinfect a surface to remove up to 99.99% of germs. The method used by the Office Cleaning Group is also approved to be effective against the COVID-19 virus. The use of a sprayer machine ensures better surface coverage and the sanitiser will easily reach unapproachable areas, behind and under objects. The charged particles at room temperature easily attract to surfaces, allowing maximum coverage and disinfection in no time.

On top of everything, the cleaning and disinfectant products that the company uses are certified eco-friendly and safe for people. “It is always our best effort to ensure the safety of all our clients and their families/employees, which is why we only use naturally made, green cleaning products that are certified non-toxic. The fogging disinfectant we use is also non-toxic and 100% safe for humans.”

For hospitals and other sensitive premises, the cleaners use a predefined and very safe cleaning approach, which involves three steps - 1) cleaning, 2) disinfecting, and 3) protection. The first stage is deep cleaning, where the cleaner will first wipe or mop the surface using a hospital-grade disinfectant to remove the biofilm containing dust and dirt. In the next step, the cleaner will use an electrostatic spray machine to evenly spread the Zoono-71 sanitiser solution on the surface and all areas and touchpoints across it. Then, the surface will be left alone for a few minutes for the disinfectant to take effect and kill all the viruses and germs. In the final stage, the team will use the same electrostatic machine with a different solution to form an antimicrobial coating on the surface to protect it against viruses, bacteria, spores and mould.

All the chemicals that are used by the Office Cleaning Group throughout their medical cleaning and disinfecting process are certified safe for the environment, humans and pets and very effective in removing a wide range of germs and bacteria.

The Office Cleaning Commercial Cleaning Sydney Company is a well-recognized name in the cleaning industry of Sydney. The company with its 20+ years of experience and an outstanding team of seasoned cleaning professionals is the top choice for routine cleaning and one-off cleaning needs of hundreds of Sydney businesses. Moreover, their safety-focused & efficient cleaning methods make them stand out from the competition.

Medical businesses, hospitals and care centres in Sydney looking for a safe and reliable medical cleaning company can contact the Office Cleaning Group for a free quote.


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