The Need for Upgraded HVAC System in Kansas City Options are Vital to Businesses in the Area Safely Reopening

Kansas City-based Dillon's Heating & Cooling has seen many changes take place in its area as a result of the ongoing pandemic. One of those is area businesses needing to consider upgrading their HVAC systems to operate more safely. No time in history has proper ventilation, air purification, and air filtering become more important to employees, customers, and visitors to commercial buildings. This reputable company also has the experience and equipment necessary to help HVAC system upgrades take place. How they go about doing this was the subject of a newly posted guide which can be seen here at

The company owner, Jeff Dillon, says, “Looking back on the past year it’s very surreal how much COVID-19 has impacted all of our lives and forced us to make changes. It’s no different for HVAC professionals such as us. We also feel it’s our obligation to point out to businesses in the Kansas City area that we have the technical expertise and necessary equipment available to modify and upgrade their HVAC systems. These improvements can contribute to keeping the people who work or visit a commercial property less exposed to the threat of virus spread. We felt this subject was so important that we decided to make a guide with some suggestions on how businesses can better protect their patrons through the implementation of HVAC system improvements.”


The guide started by talking about how in addition to such business operating protocols as mask-wearing and social distancing, each business should also take a closer look at how their HVAC systems can be made to contribute to an overall safer working and operating environment. In the guide, it was also pointed out why HVAC systems can be an important tool to help manage the spread of COVID-19. It stated that this because experts agree that the virus is highly contagious when in an airborne state. That brings HVAC systems to the front and center of the battle to help control its spread. The guide went on mention three very good ways that commercial HVAC systems can be upgraded to give them a better chance at helping control virus spread. This includes installing advanced air filtration units, germ-reducing ultraviolet light systems, and better ventilating buildings so indoor air is not constantly being recirculated. In the guide, it says this takes on even more importance given the fact that studies have been done on how the virus travels through a building’s ventilation system. This is why air filtration, ventilation, and purification can play a leading role in commercial building safety. Also mentioned in the guide are the specific types of equipment that Dillon's Heating & Cooling offers that can improve a business’s ventilation system. This includes Heat Recovery Ventilators, advanced HEPA filtration, and COVID-19 protein destroying UV light systems. The blog wrapped up by going over how the professionals at Dillon's Heating & Cooling can advise and implement these extra HVAC safety measures for businesses in the Kansas City area. This guide can be found on the company website which is located here at

Besides helping their commercial customers upgrade and modify their HVAC systems, Dillon's Heating & Cooling offers many other heating, cooling, and ventilation services too. This includes the installation of new residential and commercial HVAC systems. They also specialize in all types of HVAC maintenance and repair tasks.

This company has been very favorably reviewed by those that have used their commercial and residential HVAC services. Timothy Fender stated, “I used this business to have an a/c moved to a different location in the yard for a customer of mine. They were quick and understood exactly what we needed. The owner even came out for an in-person quote. The company charged a very reasonable price for their service. Treated us like family too. I will be using them on any HVAC work that I need to be done in the future.” This review was taken from the company’s Google Maps Business Listing where they have a stellar 5 out of a possible 5-star average rating on over 100 reviews.

Those seeking more information on this company’s reliable HVAC services can visit their website or turn to their Facebook Page which is found here at


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