The Molly Drug Identified As An Abuse & Addiction Risk

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Pathfinders Recovery Centers' (with locations in Scottsdale AZ and Aurora CO) latest blog post looks at the potential for MDMA in its purported pure form to be a substance that is prone to abuse and even addiction. With this exhaustive reference article on what is popularly known as the 'Molly drug,' the clinical team at Pathfinders hopes to bring to light the risky nature of taking MDMA from street sources and its health risks, even in a verifiably pure form.

According to Pathfinders Recovery Center, there are key differences between MDMA and Molly. Within the drug using community, there can often be differences in terminology between different regions. However, more often than not, what people refer to as the ‘Molly drug’ is almost always connected to what is supposed to be pure powder MDMA, which is the chemical acronym for the main ingredient of ecstasy.

A hand passing on a pill in the dark, shows the concept of molly drug dependence and the ability of Pathfinder Recovery Centers to help

Ecstasy, on the other hand, almost always refers to ‘pressed pills’ in which the main ingredient is Molly or MDMA, and there is usually another drug in it. The other component of ecstasy can be anything from LSD (or acid) to crystal meth (or methamphetamines). Occasionally, pills might even contain less commonly found drugs, such as GHB or ketamine.

No matter what the chemical makeup of the substance is, the commonality between Molly, ecstasy and MDMA is that they are all used and abused, usually in a party setting, and all of them carry the risk of addiction. However, people who are partaking in Molly should be aware that while it is supposed to be pure MDMA, that is not often the case.

Most Molly that can be found on the street is often cut with a wide variety of extremely harmful chemicals. Chemists who make such drugs are more focused on profits than they are of their customers’ health and wellbeing. As such, it is no surprise that the most common chemicals found in adulterated samples sold as Molly are cathinones and methylone, also known as bath salts, methamphetamines and caffeine.

As a result, using Molly is very risky. However, Pathfinders Recovery Center assures that it is possible to seek treatment and recover before the worst happens. According to the center, stopping the usage of Molly is the first step to seeking treatment for dependence on this substance. With Pathfinders Recovery Center’s help, those who are struggling with a Molly addiction will be able to start their journey to recovery.

In addition to their article about Molly, Pathfinders Recovery Center also published another informative release recently where they focus on the lesser known effects of Suboxone withdrawal. While clients are often given medication assisted treatment, using the drug during early recovery, it can itself be a difficult drug to detox from without proper assistance. This in-depth article details some of the issues surrounding Suboxone withdrawals and effective, lasting recovery.

Pathfinders Recovery Center is committed to their clients and their journey back to recovery and a happier life. Their commitment to their clients is reflected in the positive reviews they have earned from grateful clients. In a Google review, one former patient says, “Pathfinders Recovery saved my life. This staff, team and alumni really showed me that life is not as hard as I cracked it up to be. The owners are involved, and the team in both AZ and Colorado are professionals with different backgrounds and instill a discipline that's invoking and necessary. I absolutely recommend Pathfinders, and if you have the opportunity, need help, want recovery and are shown a life beyond your wildest dreams, then Pathfinders is a great place to begin your life. Thank you so much for all you've done, guys.”

Another patient shares, “I came into their program months after losing my mom and didn't care about life. The staff went above and beyond to give me the individual care , support and therapy that changed my life in ways that I couldn't have even imagined previously. This place is different from most. Everyone from house managers to the owners are involved and invested in their clients' recovery.”

Pathfinders Recovery Centers also have a lot more resources for both addicts and their loved ones, including an article on how to live with an addict spouse. All of these resources, in addition to more information about the range of services provided by Pathfinders Recovery Centers, can be found on their website. As always, the Pathfinders Recovery Center staff encourages anyone struggling to reach out by phone at any time to their Admissions team for more information.


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