The Mabra Law Firm in Atlanta Explains What To Do After Being Injured in A Car Accident

The Mabra Law Firm is a trusted name in personal injury law in Atlanta. They recently published a blog post that explains what to do after being injured in an auto accident in the Atlanta area. It can be read here: They boast a team of highly skilled auto accident attorneys in Atlanta who have been vigorously fighting for the rights of victims. The leading personal injury law firm in Atlanta advises victims to take every car accident seriously even if it seems they have escaped unscathed.

The Mabra Firm’s lawyers caution accident victims against assuming that all is well because they feel fine at the scene of the accident, warning that some accident injuries are not immediately apparent. Their Atlanta car accident lawyers advise victims to seek medical help right away to detect any hidden injuries and get medical records and treatment documented to help them fight for a deserving compensation claim. The Mabra Firm emphasizes the need for treating injuries and calling a police officer to file a police report. According to the Atlanta car accident law firm, the victim should keep an eye on any changes in their health and pay attention to symptoms, such as headaches and dizziness, and take medical help. In a previous press release, The Mabra Law Firm in Atlanta explains benefits of hiring a car accident lawyer.

Top Atlanta, GA, personal injury attorneys advise victims to move to a safe place to prevent blocking the flow of traffic and save themselves from further injury from passing vehicles. The best auto accident law firm in Atlanta suggests victims take a few pictures of the vehicles involved in the crash. The Mabra Firm’s car accident lawyers in Atlanta always advise victims to exchange information with the other involved parties for the insurance claims process. This includes contact details, their insurance information, and policy number of the driver, and the contact information of other passengers in the vehicle.

Another important piece of advice from The Mabra Firm is to gather evidence from the accident scene if the injury is not too severe. This includes taking pictures of the accident scene from different angles, along with pictures of any property damage done to both vehicles. The Atlanta personal injury law firm emphasizes taking pictures of any visible injuries and the other driver’s license plate. Top auto accident lawyers advise victims to keep a written account of the accident that will help with their compensation claim.

The Mabra Firm stresses the role of witness testimony in an accident claim while urging victims to get treated right away for their injuries. This is also important to obtain their clear medical records. Personal injury lawyers in Atlanta, GA, caution victims against sending their medical bills to the insurance adjusters of the at-fault driver, who can leverage power against them and influence their compensation claim. Accident lawyers that specialize in auto accidents have the experience to influence an insurance claim in favor of the victim. This ensures that the victim gets the best compensation for their medical treatment and property damage.

Top Atlanta personal injury lawyers at The Mabra Law Firm have decades of experience in the field. They have the top personal injury attorneys who are compassionate with victims and understand their physical, emotional pain, and financial distress. They are well-known for vigorously representing victims of a car accident to bring them a favorable outcome in their accident injury claim. The best auto accident lawyers in Atlanta are available for a free consultation at (404) 344-5255.


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