The Mabra Law Firm in Atlanta Explains How Much The Average Settlement Is

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The car accident lawyers at The Mabra Law Firm are skilled in fighting for the rights of victims injured in auto accidents. Top car accident attorneys in Atlanta, GA, are aware of the value of compensation for a victim who has to deal with physical and emotional pain, besides financial challenges. A car accident might put a lot of financial constraints on a victim as the cost of medical bills and other damages rises. The best car accident lawyers in Atlanta are dedicated to helping victims get a settlement big enough to cover the full value of their current and future damages.

The most experienced auto accident attorneys are aware of the fact that the at-fault party’s insurance adjuster can go to any extent to give the victim less than what they deserve. In Georgia, a settlement is not required, explains The Mabra Firm, adding that courts engage both parties to have a “settlement conference” to discuss the possibility of the car accident claim. Mediation is also an option, which involves both parties and their lawyers and a third-party mediator to discuss a prospective settlement.

The car accident lawyer in Atlanta outlines the fact that each case is different and has a different value. According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average compensation for bodily injuries in a car accident is $18,417, and for property damage, it’s $4,525. The blog post cautions victims against opting for a personal injury lawyer that tells them the worth of their case without investigating it, adding, “Unfortunately, those estimates can be wildly different from reality. This often leads to distrust of the claims process or the injury lawyer helping with your case.”

The top personal injury lawyer in Atlanta begins with determining the negligent party and collecting evidence. Investigators will come up with their version of what happened during the accident and assign liability. The blog post warns that there is a chance that the negligent driver’s insurance company or an injury lawyer can twist accident reports around to place blame on the victim.

The Mabra Firm emphasizes the importance of working with an accident attorney in Atlanta to tell the victim’s side of the story. Atlanta personal injury law firms employ their own investigators to ensure that the at-fault party is held fully responsible.

The blog post explains that the settlement amount takes physical injuries, property damage, and emotional trauma into consideration, which is not the same for each case. An experienced car accident lawyer can ensure better outcomes for victims through their skills to build a strong claim and negotiate a fair settlement.

The Mabra Law Firm is a trusted name in the personal injury law niche. Accident victims trust the Atlanta personal injury law firm for its team of legal experts who are trained and experienced in handling auto accident claims. Any victim of an accident suffering from soft tissue injuries, neck injuries, or bodily injuries due to the negligence of another person deserves the best compensation.

The Mabra Law Firm’s auto accident lawyers work hard to get every dollar an accident victim deserves for their economic and non-economic damages. Victims of accidents can schedule a free consultation with The Mabra Firm today.


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