The Local Detailers is Proud to be Recognized, BBB Accredited, and A+ Rated Car Detailer Service

The Local Detailers, a trusted car detailing shop in Calgary, CA, is proud to acquire national recognition, BBB Accreditation, and an A+ rating for auto detailers. They are also recognized as one of the best shops for car detailing in Calgary for excellent car detailing, customer service, and affordable prices.

To gain all this recognition, The Local Detailers focuses on the company's pillars of sustainability and success, which are stated below:

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Invest in People: Hire local, qualified, and professional car detailers.

Insist on Quality: Select high-quality, highest value products for the customers.

Put Customers First: Provide exceptional customer service.

Continually Improve: Reinvest profits in R&D, quality, and technologies.

Be Ethical: Maintain an ethical business and environmental conscience.

"Anyone can say they are the best car detailing services in Calgary, but we have our previous clients to prove it. Every review and testimonial says that they are satisfied with our work. Because of that—we always want to outdo ourselves to be the best car detailing in Calgary every time," Amanuel Rahmeto, the co-owner of the Local Detailers, says. "Challenging ourselves to be the best boosts our team's morale! And seeing customers driving in looking gloomy and walking out with a smile on their face is what we live for!"

About The Local Detailers

The Local Detailers is a company that offers the best quality complete detailing services at an affordable price. They also take pride in their highly trained professionals with years of experience and using only premium car products that return one's car to showroom condition. They have been highly recognized for producing stellar results and excellent customer service.

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Car Detailing in Calgary 412B 36 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 1W4, Canada

(403) 903-9452


For more information about THE LOCAL DETAILERS , contact the company here:

Amanuel Rahmeto
403) 903-9452
412B 36 Ave SE, Calgary, AB
T2G 1W4, Canada