The Law Offices Of Denis Davydov, A Top Rated Car Accident Lawyer In New York, Discuss How Accidents Caused By Aggressive Driving Can Be Considered Negligent

Brooklyn, NY - Car accidents happen all the time in the busy streets of New York. More often than not these accidents happen because the frustrations with having to navigate the crowded roads and reach a final destination within, what is perceived to be a timely manner, lead to aggressive behaviors and decisions behind the wheel. Personal injuries sustained from an accident on the road could be from the negligence of the driver at fault. A car accident lawyer may be able to assist the victims of these accidents in filing a claim for personal injury compensation from the liable driver.

Denis Davydov and his team have been practicing the legal representation of personal injury lawsuits for close to a decade. They take pride in their work as they’ve represented clients who have been involved in some of the biggest vehicle accidents, such as major trucking accidents, to even smaller cases, such as minor fender benders. They believe that the victims of preventable negligence in a motor vehicle accident have the right to pursue compensation for their injuries and believe that an experienced car accident lawyer can help.

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“When you’ve been involved in a major motor vehicle accident, taking a moment to consider hiring a lawyer is probably the last thing that is going to cross your mind. Car accidents are traumatic events and the severity of consequences from these accidents can involve a wide array of injuries. Aside from the potentially devasting loss of loved ones, there’s a whole new financial burden that hinders the ongoing survival for many families. We aim to seek the maximum amount of compensation possible to help our clients receive some financial reprieve from an already difficult situation.”

Davydov explains how failing to obey specifically designed traffic signage and signals, such as a red light or a speed limit sign, can be negligence cause of a car accident. With so many drivers on the road, constantly making decisions, some people may fail to control their anger and irresponsibility act out. This behavior is considered to be road rage and can actually be considered a criminal act. He continues to explain the biggest differences between suffering personal injuries from a car accident that happened because of negligence and an accident that may have happened due to road rage. One of the biggest differences between the two being the intentional actions to try and use a vehicle as a weapon to produce harm to another.

“If you or someone you know has been involved in a car accident, it is important to seek the professional guidance of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney as soon as you can. Any information you can immediately gather from the accident will be beneficial to building a solid case. Taking pictures, writing down license plate numbers, getting contact information from any possible witnesses, and keeping all medical documents will all be helpful aids to a case.”

Davydov and his team believe that the negligent parties involved in a car accident can be held responsible for the financial compensation of a victim’s injuries with the guidance of experienced legal representation. If you or someone you know was injured in a car accident, you can learn more about The Law Office of Denis Davydov at


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