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The law office of Purav Bhatt is a professional law office providing lawyer services in different categories. The office has years of experience in law services and is now providing domestic violence attorney services to people living in Chicago and the surrounding areas.

According to the website, "Being charged with domestic violence under 720 ILCS 5/12-3.2 has turned the lives of my clients upside down. The penalties that a domestic battery charge carry can range from misdemeanor penalties to felony charges, civil orders limiting one’s freedom and potential prison sentences. Illinois courts treat domestic violence and domestic battery charges very seriously. The reason for this is that Illinois recognizes domestic violence as a serious crime against the individual and society which produces family disharmony in thousands of Illinois families, promotes a pattern of escalating violence which frequently culminates in intra-family homicide, and creates an emotional atmosphere that is not conducive to healthy childhood development. That is why domestic battery has its own section in the Illinois statute.

On matters of battery, "A battery under 720 ILCS 5/12-3 becomes domestic based on the relationship between the parties. Under 750 ILCS 60, the Illinois Domestic Violence Act of 1986, protects family or household members from domestic violence. Family or household members include spouses, former spouses, parents, children, stepchildren and other persons related by blood or by present or prior marriage, persons who share or formerly shared a common dwelling, persons who have or allegedly have a child in common, persons who share or allegedly share a blood relationship through a child, persons who have or have had a dating or engagement relationship, persons with disabilities and their personal assistants, and caregivers. If a battery occurs against an individual who qualifies as a family or household member, a series of actions are taken to protect that person. Here is a brief breakdown of the process a person charged with domestic battery will experience through the Illinois court system."

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