The Law Office Of Purav Bhatt Is Now Providing Professional Marijuana DUI Attorney Services In Chicago

DUIs are common and when one is caught up in such a case, it's important to have a professional in DUI legal process on their side. The law office of Purav Bhatt is now offering professional Chicago marijuana DUI attorney services.

According to the law firm, "The majority of DUI client’s I see are charged with driving under the influence of alcohol. Recently, my office has seen a noticeable rise in charges related to driving under the influence of marijuana. There are many questions surrounding the law related to driving under the influence of marijuana. Do the same DUI laws apply to marijuana like they do to alcohol? Does it matter if the driver was legally using marijuana at the time? In Illinois, driving under the influence of marijuana is a crime. Regardless of whether you have a medical prescription or were using marijuana legally, you can still be charged and convicted of driving under the influence of marijuana. It is common knowledge that there is a “legal limit” that if over, would result in being arrested for DUI. In Illinois that “legal limit” for a driver’s blood alcohol concentration is .08%."

On matters related to legalization, the law firm states that, "As recently as 2016, the state of Illinois decriminalized the possession of marijuana under 10 grams. As of 2016, individuals who are found in possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana will no longer be arrested and prosecuted. Now, if you are searched and found to be in possession of less than 10 grams of marijuana, a municipal ordinance violation is issued and is punishable by civil penalty only. As a result of this “decriminalization” of marijuana, I have seen a marked increase in marijuana and cannabis related DUI charges. These changes have affected DUI laws in Illinois. It is still against the law to drive under the influence of marijuana, even if you have a medical marijuana card. (See the Secretary of State) Like alcohol related DUIs, an officer may charge a driver with DUI and prove the offense through chemical, observational and circumstantial evidence."

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