The Keep Smiling Movement Set to Kick Off The Small Business Roundtable Showcase with a Smile

Findlay, Ohio -

The Small Business Roundtable is a group of entrepreneurs who come together to create an environment for small business owners to network and share ideas. They provide a forum for international entrepreneurs to come together and discuss their challenges, successes, and growth strategies. Therefore, attendees can expect 'power-packed' presentations that will leave them with substantial information to implement at the end of each event.

Join in on Saturday, January 22, 2022, from 2:30 pm to 4:30 pm, in Fort Myers, Florida. The event is free to attend, but in-person space is limited, and registration is requested. However, there are virtual opportunities to attend on Zoom as well.

The small business roundtable led by Rick Rhodes, Small Business advocate and owner/designer of Rick Rhodes Fashion, Oron Harris-Small, business advocate and founder of CONS2DONS, Janelle Harris, global influencer and CEO of SheExist Magazine, and Phyllis Calloway, City of Fort Myers Assistant Director of Community Redevelopment Agency Foundation.

This month they feature Ken Rochon, Jr, Ph.D., aka “Dr. Smiley,” the co-founder of a dental and mental nonprofit, The Keep Smiling Movement. He will start off the lineup of dynamic speakers from around the world with various backgrounds in business, finance, marketing, etc.

His passion for The Keep Smiling Movement stems from his personal journey with his mother’s early onset of Alzheimer’s Disease. After her death, he felt pulled to create a life that created the gift of legacy. That passion developed into The Keep Smiling Movement after Dr. Smiley met Barry Shore, co-founder, and saw Shore’s Keep Smiling cards. As a celebrity event photographer, Dr. Smiley realized his camera could capture smiles generating the start of a legacy that radiated joy and hope.

Soon after, he brought in Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller asking her to help him make it into a movement. She stepped up to foster the vision of the two co-founders’ ideas and add her own compassionate heart to make it a dental and mental nonprofit. From that creation, Dr. Smiley expanded the captured image of photojournalism books, to publish several book series featuring motivational stories of resilience. These series include the D.O.S.E. of the H.O.P.E series; the H.O.P.E. is the D.O.P.E series, and the Keep Smiling edition series.

Dr. Smiley’s journey in losing his mother, his biggest fan, allowed him to see that through pain, hope can have you live on to belief and create that from pain can come great good. The Keep Smiling team has the vision is to amplify goodness and those who create smiles while helping give people that dose of hope to stand resilient in a time of crisis.

Donations to The Keep Smiling Movement allow the Keep Smiling team to provide services like meditation and hypnosis to reduce stress, publish books motivating people to be resilient, refer people to free and discounted services, generate dental and mental health advocacy, speak at conferences, capture smile photos, and assist with the operations and business management of these services and referrals. Donations can be made to

The small business roundtable session with then continue with dynamic topics from the following speakers: Phyllis Calloway, SWFL Enterprise Center Foundation; Mary Mouritsen, Live Your Best Life Barefoot Podcast and Agency owner of Barefoot Bungalow Homes; Michael P. Haymans, Building A Zoo Radio Show and Attorney at Law; Mandi Harris, owner of The Phone Nanny-Live Answering Service; Shonda Scott, founder and CEO of 360 Total Concept; Dr. Thyonne Gordon, director of She Ready Foundation; Alejandro Brooks, gospel recording artist and co-owner of Mama Brooks Hot Sauce; Doc Irvin, director of Music Arts, Dunbar High School and Jackie Fils, owner of Jacmel Caribbean Restaurant.

The small business roundtable is a starting point for entrepreneurs to gain business skills, hear personal testimonies of entrepreneurship and have opportunities to leverage this network to increase business net worth.

The focus is to serve small businesses by educating, networking, providing opportunities to enhance and increase knowledge, acts of service, sales, and profitability. Please join in the mission to succeed.

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For more information about The Keep Smiling Movement, or to book the Keep Smiling team for an event, radio show, podcast, or TV show, contact Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, Executive Director for The Keep Smiling Movement at 419-722-6931,

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