The IV Lounge: Why Vitamin D IV Therapy Booster Shots May Be Considered In Toronto

vitamin d iv booster shot

The Toronto, Ontario based The IV Lounge is reaching out to the wider community to share a blog post that explores why vitamin D IV therapy booster shots may be considered for their well being. Their naturopathic provider is committed to using a combination of treatments such as Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, IV Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Detoxification and Bio-Identical Hormone Treatments to help patients optimize their health and wellness.

Dr. Amauri Caversan, ND says, “You probably already know IV vitamins and minerals, as well as custom IV therapy, may help improve your well being. Of all the vitamins and minerals that the human body needs, the “sunshine vitamin” plays a vital role in health. This moniker refers to vitamin D, which the human body needs to thrive. It helps support bone health — including our teeth — it aids in maintaining calcium and phosphorus levels and it helps ensure the immune system is in working order. It is because of this critical role vitamin D plays in our daily lives that vitamin D IV therapy booster shots are something you may want to consider getting.”

In the blog post published by The IV Lounge, the first reason listed in favor of getting a vitamin D IV therapy booster shot is the fact that some Canadians may have a deficiency in vitamin D. As The IV Lounge explains, vitamin D is absorbed by the human body when bare skin is exposed to the sun. Of course, this means that sun exposure is a prerequisite, which can be hard to get in the long Canadian winters. To maintain vitamin D levels during winter, Canadians may need an extra dose of vitamin supplementation, and vitamin D therapy booster shots may be an efficient way to get that extra dose of vitamin D.

Then there is the consideration that some people might be at risk of vitamin D deficiency due to their health or lifestyle. In this case, it may be a good idea to consider supplementation. People at risk in this manner include those who have little sun exposure due to additional coverings (i.e. robes, scarves, etc.), the elderly, pregnant individuals, those who are obese, those who have diagnosed malabsorption disorders (i.e. celiac, Crohn’s, etc.); individuals with dark skin pigmentation and so on.

The post also shares that there is a possibility that mental health and vitamin D levels may be connected. For instance, low vitamin D levels may be associated with depression. Studies have shown that certain people diagnosed with depression have also presented with low vitamin D levels. While more research is needed, “The mechanism whereby vitamin D may be associated with mental disorders is not clearly understood. It has been reported that there are vitamin D receptors in the hypothalamus, which may be important in neuroendocrine functioning,” explains Issues in Mental Health Nursing.

The blog post also shares that vitamin D may support the immune system. A lack of vitamin D may lead to one becoming vulnerable to health issues that include pulmonary diseases — or respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis and the cold. However, lab studies have suggested that optimal vitamin D levels may aid in safeguarding the body against various viruses. Taking a vitamin D IV therapy booster shot will allow one to better take care of their body and their health during the cold months of Canadian winters. More reasons to consider getting a vitamin D IV therapy booster shot are discussed in the full blog post, which can be found on the IV Lounge website. The website also hosts other posts discussing the reception of B vitamins through IV therapy, other vitamins and minerals that are part of IV therapy programs and more.

The IV Lounge offers various vitamin drip therapies for the residents of Toronto as well as wellness services that cater to their clients’ personal health and lifestyle (such as integrative functional medicine, dietary changes and vitamin D IV therapy booster shots). For those with more complex health conditions or who have other health concerns, an initial consultation may be required.

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