The Iconic Agent Founder Damon Greene Gives a Keynote Speech At the First Annual B.E.N. Mid Summer Summit EXP Realty Conference

The Iconic Agent, based in Riverview, Florida, is pleased to acknowledge that Mr. Damon Greene delivered a Keynote speech on the 2nd day of the Black EXP Networks (B.E.N) first inaugural event: the Mid Summer Summit. The event took place from June 16th to 18th, 2021 in Palmas del Mar, Puerto Rico. The event featured a range of experts across the three days, and the event was a huge success. Some of the notable names included Don Hobbs, Brent Gove, Allison Gaddy, Chelae Cummings, Fee Gentry, Terri & Calvin Gleaton, Kevin Cottrell and influencers Chauncy Pham and Chastin J Miles.

The Mid Summer Summit brought together many innovative educators, influencers and thought leaders for a 3-day journey through entrepreneurship, planning, ownership, networking and entertainment, giving attendees the tools to lead. Damon Greene, one of the keynote speakers on Day 2, is a real estate marketing consultant and entrepreneur. He is also the founder of and New Construction Marketing Mastery Mentorship and Training. Greene shared three steps to more control, clients and commissions with attendees. He also discussed how realtors can sell more real estate, even in this limited inventory market, by attracting luxury and new construction buyers with the proprietary 3-Step PDA process.

Black EXP Network Mid Summer Summit - EXP Realty Conference The Iconic Agent

The 3-Step PDA Process, as explained by Greene, consists of the following: Projects, Demand (or popularity) and Automation. When it comes to the first step, Projects, one of the most important aspects discussed was finding qualified projects/communities. Greene also emphasized the importance of building strong relationships with new construction sales representatives. He also discussed simple ways to find desirable projects and taking time to do the research to be sure to find a community that would attract agent's ideal clients.

Greene also explained the importance of each project’s details such as price point, commission, bonuses, attractive amenities, incentives, and a great location. Greene mentioned, "There are hidden commissions that are right under most agents' noses already, and they don't even know. We showed these amazing EXP agents where to find these commissions by attracting quality buyers and selling more using our 3-step process. We even showed them hot to predictably attract out of state buyers their competitors could never reach."

Greene highlighted a key step: finding the true demand (or popularity) of a community. Agents can search online (by using keyword popularity tools) to find out what projects/communities are the most popular. From there he detailed how to set up simple Targeted Ads using 1 or 2 broad Terms. Greene also advised targeting ads to a 25-50 mile radius around the community. After this he explained how to set up a simple lead generation landing page for collecting names, emails and phone numbers. Then it comes to turning on ads and waiting for 1-2 days, and Google will start to tell the account holder exactly what the true demand/popularity is and what keyword phrases are sending buyers. Greene also discussed successful ad templates and general tips for designing ads that convert.

Finally the third step Greene explained was Automation, it is reported that 78% of customers buy from the company that responds to a leads inquiry first, according to a study by Lead Connect. Automation involves following up with the leads immediately, which takes the heavy lifting out of converting the leads and lets the agent do what they normally do and simply close the sale. This is particularly important because it's been estimated that a sales person is 90% more likely to close a lead if they communicate with the lead within five minutes of them inquiring about information.

Greene has been featured in write ups in Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg Business and multiple Fox and CBS affiliates where he spread his message. With regards to the Mid Summer Summit, he states, “I was honored to be invited to the Mid Summer Summit by Fee Gentry who happens to be on the board of directors of EXP and is a client. I was able to grace the stage with some amazing executives and top tier influencers.” This is the first keynote for Greene since the pandemic hit, and he comments that he is looking forward to conferences and seminars where he may share his insight and help additional realtors grow their businesses.

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