The Heavenly Center Announces Cannabis-Assisted Treatment

Studio City, California: On a federal level, the use of cannabis as a medicinal treatment is not legal. However, thirty-three states have legalized the use of cannabis as a way of treating a variety of conditions. While they do not promote the use of cannabis, the staff at The Heavenly Center recognize that using cannabis as a medical treatment is effective for many who seek recovery.

The Heavenly Center has a cannabis specialist on staff to monitor patients using cannabis for medicinal purposes. This specialist ensures that the patient's cannabis use does not exacerbate any current conditions, create a debilitating dependence, or hinder recovery. The Heavenly Center clarifies its stance by saying, “ if any substance is prescribed, whether it is a controlled substance or not, ongoing care is needed to assess treatment effectiveness. If said treatment(s) are ineffective or cause harm, that treatment method should be discontinued.”

Some may wonder if cannabis-assisted treatment has any scientific backing. The Heavenly Center shares its insight on the endocannabinoid system. This system regulates many of a person’s natural processes, such as appetite, cell communication, and memory. Those who struggle with alcohol misuse often have an endocannabinoid deficiency due to alcohol slowing the growth of endocannabinoid receptors. Cannabis use is one way to boost the growth of endocannabinoid receptors, along with changes in diet and wellness-based action.

One of the challenges to cannabis-assisted treatment is finding the correct dosage. At The Heavenly Center, they do this by starting at low doses. This approach helps them find an “optimal dosage to allow the effects to align with guidelines for treating specific conditions.” In addition, the effects of cannabis use can manifest more quickly than many prescription medications, which is why The Heavenly Center monitors cannabis use closely to determine its effectiveness for the patient.

Cannabis-assisted treatment may be controversial in some parts of the country, but at The Heavenly Center, the staff remains hopeful that this medication will reduce the harm of substance use and lead patients to achieve their recovery goals.

About The Heavenly Center: The Heavenly Center is an outpatient substance use treatment center in Studio City, California. They utilize evidence-based approaches to recovery alongside creative methods such as music therapy, art therapy, and cannabis-assisted treatment. At The Heavenly Center, the staff wants to see patients recover from substance use and build a life rooted in meaning and purpose.


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