The Greenmates Announces Weed Delivery in Vancouver Canada

The Greenmates, a Vancouver based online dispensary, is announcing their same day weed delivery near me service​, available to adults in Vancouver, Canada. The Greenmates aims to provide high quality cannabis products with fast delivery in the Vancouver area. With delivery in as little as one to two hours, The Greenmates is an excellent option for anyone in Vancouver looking for cannabis products. Customers simply need to visit The Greenmates’ website and select the cannabis products they are interested in purchasing, whether they want flower or some kind of concentrate, such as shatter or hash.

The Greenmates sells several different strains of cannabis, both as flower and concentrates. Different strains vary several ways, from how strong they are, the amount of THC, to the kinds of terpenes available in the plant, which changes the effect the cannabis may have on the person who uses it. Terpenes are found in all plants, not just cannabis, and can have many different potential effects on the human body when eaten, inhaled, or applied to the skin. A few that some people might find familiar include Linalool, found in plants like lavender, which has a pleasant scent, and some people say might help with anxiety or pain. Caryophyllene, which can act as an anti-bacterial or anti-fungal substance, is present in some strains of cannabis, and is responsible for the bite in freshly cracked pepper. It’s also found in many essential oils, from clove to rosemary to hops. These are just a couple of the many terpenes found in nature, including in cannabis, that can impact a person’s experience with the plant they are smoking, or otherwise consuming.

Weed Delivery Vancouver  by The Greenmates

Many people find that strains known as Indicas can be relaxing, which means people turn to them when they want relief from chronic pain, stress, anxiety, insomnia and sometimes depression. On the other hand, strains known as Sativas have been said to have uplifting cerebral effects, and people sometimes use them to encourage creativity, or focus, or to make a social event more bubbly. The Greenmates also sells strains of cannabis that are CBD dominant, meaning they don’t have much of the psychoactive compound THC that can cause a high, instead having more of the compound CBD, which some people think helps them with sleep and relaxation.

Cannabis flower from The Greenmates Online Dispensary Vancouver comes in a range of sizes, from small 3.5 gram packages to 28 gram packages at a value discount. They have a few strains of hash, which is a cannabis extract made by removing the resinous glands called trichomes that live on the surface of the cannabis plants, and processing them into a concentrated form. Hash is a solventless extract, made only with physical manipulation and temperature changes, and has been made for centuries, with many innovations in the process in recent years thanks to the spread of legalized cannabis in more markets. Hash can be consumed orally as a solid or mixed into drinks, or smoked, one its own, or with flower for an enhanced high. The Greenmates also offers a few kinds of shatter, a cannabis concentrate with a hard, glass-like consistency, named for its tendency to crack or shatter when handled.

In addition to their promised two hour delivery, The Greenmates also offers deals on delivery, with their $10 delivery fee reduced to $7 for orders over $50, and free delivery for orders over $100. Orders over $100 also get a free joint as a thank you gift from the company, and customers who order over $150 of cannabis products from The Greenmates can get a 15% discount as well, with a code available in a banner on the website. All this value combined with fast and convenient delivery makes The Greenmates a strong contender for Best Cannabis Store in Vancouver. Anyone interested in learning more about The Greenmates or ordering fast delivery cannabis in Vancouver, Canada can visit the store’s website or text their call center.

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