The Funeral Program Site Offers New Social Media Funeral Announcement Templates

Texas, McKinney based The Funeral Program Site is pleased to share that their new social media funeral announcement templates are now available. The Funeral Program Site has been involved in the death care industry for over two decades, and they are the industry leader in do-it-yourself (DIY) templates for funeral programs, printed memorials and even in personalized in-loving-memory keepsake products.

As noted on their website, The Funeral Program Site offers new social media funeral announcement templates that are easy to use on any social media platform, be it Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. With these new templates, it is now easy to update friends and family by posting one general and easy-to-understand post.

The Funeral Program Site also explains that users do not need any special software to edit the templates. They only need access to Google Docs, which is an online word processor that is very user-friendly and can help people create and format documents how they want quickly. The company also emphasizes that Google Docs is free to use with any email address.

Their new social media funeral announcement templates are editable and easy to download as well. The Funeral Program Site even offers 1 template for 2 announcements for quicker posting. The Funeral Program Layout is user friendly and very easy to customize, which makes it the perfect solution to those who want to reach the largest audience on any social media platform.

They also add that customers will receive a funeral or a memorial service social media announcement and even a general ‘Thank You’ template to show gratitude to those who have been helpful and kind during the time of loss. Notably, the company’s dedication to the satisfaction of their clients is evident in the glowing reviews left by users who have accessed their services.

In a glowing review, Facebook user Almeca Jones-Floyd recommends The Funeral Program Site, saying, “The services were absolutely superb! I used them to customize my grandmother's memorial service program, and Carol was so patient, understanding, timely, flexible and professional. As we are all aware, losing a loved one is a very stressful period, and there are many balls to be juggled, coupled with last-minute changes. I was totally astonished at how amazing the service and quality of work was because I was initially reluctant to request last-minute customization work. Being that my background is in software/IT, I assumed that my biggest issue would be customer service and quality of work, and boy was I wrong! Even though the funeral was in January 2017, I travel a lot for work so my schedule is hectic! But I made a note to myself to not forget to leave a review! Thank you, again, for your outstanding customer service and work!”

In another review, Facebook user Tamera Love also recommends The Funeral Program Site, stating, “On April 27, 2015, my Grandma passed away, and last week, I headed to Northern Cal to assist my family with various projects for the funeral to be held on Friday, May 8, 2015. Long story short, God directed me to the Funeral Program Site and I found Carole Galassi. Not only is Carole the Creative Director but she's a counselor as well. It took me a few days from the first day I contacted her until I had enough input from my family to finally submit the order for my grandma's program. From order to delivery, I had the most beautiful full-color 8-page funeral program I'd ever seen. The product was a Large Tablet Booklet in the Peace Template. The work was simply amazing and created with so much care. I can't thank The Funeral Program Site enough for providing such a beautiful keepsake for my family.”

Thanks to the company’s Funeral Program Templates, any user can share the news with their entire community with only one post. It is easy to use and edit, and users can post it on any social media platform. Those who are interested in learning more about The Funeral Program Site may find more information on their website. Interested parties may also connect with The Funeral Program Site via social media to stay up to date with their news and announcements.


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