The Doodle Dynasty Gets Ready To Welcome Seven Goldendoodle Puppies In Santa Clarita

The Doodle Dynasty, based in Santa Clarita, CA, is delighted to announce that Goldendoodle lovers may soon be able to obtain up to two puppies of this unique breed this Christmas. Their Goldendoodle, Bella, is expecting a litter of at least five puppies in this period, but the Vet’s ultrasound determined that there may be as many as seven puppies in total. As a result, The Doodle Dynasty has decided to open up two standby spots.

The Doodle Dynasty explains that there will only be two Goldendoodle puppies available at most because the other five have already been claimed. In fact, the breeder’s previous announcement that Bella would be having five puppies led to contracts and deposits being placed on all five in under 30 hours. However, the lastest ultrasound session was able to determine that there may be as many as seven due, so The Doodle Dynasty has decided to allow more members of their community to submit themselves for consideration in the event there are two more puppies in the litter.

Goldendoodle puppies Santa Clarita

“There are many whose dearest wish is to welcome a beautiful Goldendoodle puppy into their family this Christmas,” states The Doodle Dynasty, “and we are thrilled to already have five households waiting with open arms. However, since it is possible we will have two more puppies joining us soon, we believe it is best to prepare for this outcome and give more families the chance to get their very own Santa Clarita Goldendoodle puppies.”

Goldendoodles are famous for their affable, loving nature and eagerness to explore new relationships. As the name implies, they are part Golden Retriever and part Poodle, which themselves are known for making beloved family pets. However, they come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from light tan to black and even chocolate (in addition to golden). These happy, playful dogs get along great with kids, possibly due to the fact that they tend to have the stamina to match.

That is not to say that Goldendoodles are notorious for being high energy dogs; they would be better described as moderately energetic. This does mean that they benefit a great deal from being able to go on long walks, and families will find that they make excellent companions for daily exercise routines. Owners should be ready to lavish their Goldendoodle with attention as well, especially because they may be prone to separation anxiety if their preferred humans are absent for too long. Daily walks, games of fetch and so on can give Goldendoodles a safe and fun way to expend their energy. Notably, they are very intelligent pets that excel in training, so this is another avenue that owners are advised to explore.

Those interested should be aware that The Doodle Dynasty has strict requirements in place to ensure their puppies' new owners are ready for this responsibility. For instance, buyers have to agree to provide premium dog food for their puppy (over the full span of its life) and closely follow their veterinarian’s guidance regarding its nutrition and care. Furthermore, they will have to develop a relationship with a veterinarian of their choice — partly to ensure that the care provided is consistent with their pet’s medical history as they age. Naturally, this means that they will also have to maintain both annual and recommended appointments.

Upon taking possession of their puppy, the owners are obliged to have it examined by a licensed veterinarian within the next 72 hours. The Doodle Dynasty is heavily invested in the health of their puppies, and this means that they are less likely to have parasites, worms, or coccidia. However, they acknowledge that these are common conditions for puppies that should nonetheless be of little concern since they are also quite treatable. Similarly, the owner will have to stay up to date with their veterinarian's recommended immunization schedule (and avoid unvaccinated dogs, dog parks and so on for some time) to help preserve the puppy’s health.

Families and other interested buyers are welcome to contact The Doodle Dynasty today to learn more about their full list of requirements, the stipulations in their contract and so on. Learn more at the following link: Goldendoodle Puppies Near Me.


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