The Discovery House Is Offering Aftercare And Alumni Programs For Addiction Treatment And Recovery

The Discovery House, a fully licensed, Joint Commission accredited, comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment center located in Southern California, is offering an evidence-based approach to continuing treatment with its aftercare and alumni programs.

Rehab is not the end of the line when it comes to recovering from addiction. The patterns of behavior that led to the addiction in the first place are difficult to shake off. In many cases, once the rehab program is over, the person recovering from addiction is forced into the same environment that they started their journey in, perpetuating the cycle of relapse and rehab. It has been shown through research that it is necessary to continue supporting the individual through aftercare programs once they resume their normal lives for them to be able to permanently wean off substance use. These aftercare programs can include therapy, consultation, and peer support groups, among others.

Through addiction treatment at The Discovery House, recovery is possible

A robust aftercare program will offer those recovering from addiction a chance to help themselves by supporting them with things such as relapse prevention, job skills, job search, life skills, relationship skills, money management, child care, and housing. The therapists at The Discovery House will work with the patient to create customized aftercare or discharge plans that will help the patient implement what they have learned, stay focused on working their program and maintain long-term recovery.

Peer groups are another tool for helping those recovering from an addiction to share their difficulties with and find solidarity in the company of others who have been through the same life experiences. A literature review that was undertaken to assess the effect of peer support groups in the treatment of addiction found that they proved invaluably useful in the areas of controlling substance use, increasing treatment engagement, reducing human immunodeficiency virus/Hepatitis C virus risk behaviors, and secondary substance-related behaviors such as craving and self-efficacy. The study and its conclusions can be studied independently at

The Discovery House also runs an alumni program that encourages those who have completed their treatment programs to come and share their experiences with those who are going through treatment for the first time. The alumni association creates an environment where current patients can get to know and ask questions to the program’s alumni. The association regularly schedules outings, provides mentorship and meets monthly to enable alumni to connect with the current patients on a deeper level. The meetings allow the alumni to act as role models for those struggling with the same demons that they too had faced at some point in their life. The alumni group also undertakes projects and fundraising efforts that benefit the community at large. The center has a private Facebook support group that alumni will be invited to join in and a monthly newsletter is sent out with all the updates that an alumnus needs to know.

A spokesperson for the center talks about its aftercare programs by saying, “Rehab is merely the stepping stone to a life free from the clutches of addiction. It is the first step that one must take when they recognize the problem and need professional help to get over the hurdle of physical withdrawals. Once the rehab program is over, it is time to apply the lessons learned in treatment to the real world. This comes with its own challenges that may seem prohibitively daunting for someone who has just started getting back their bearings after a long stint in a rehab program. At The Discovery House, we have dealt with thousands of clients who face the same obstacles and we have helped them come out the other end, stronger ”

The Discovery House provides services such as detox, group, and individual therapy sessions, family counseling, addiction education, aftercare programs and peer support, and an active alumni program to individuals all across the United States. The center can be contacted at the phone number +1 844-530-1180 or using a contact form on its website to inquire about the procedure for admissions.


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