The Discovery House Discusses Benefits Of Sobriety

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The Discovery House, a Reseda, CA based rehabilitation center, recently published a series of articles which outline and explain the many benefits of sobriety. In the articles, they talk about how freeing oneself from dependency on a particular substance can have great outcomes and how anyone struggling with addiction can get the help they need. Many of The Discovery House’s clients are curious about the nature of addiction professionals and other specialists involved in the treatment of drug and alcohol dependency as well, which is another area that the articles explore.

“People often make it seem like drinking or using substances is the only way to have fun,” says the article. “If you’ve been drinking alcohol heavily or regularly, you may worry that your life will be boring or unsatisfying if you never drink again. At the same time, you may be concerned about the problems drinking is causing in your life. The truth is that there are many benefits of sobriety, and individuals who stop drinking or using drugs typically don’t regret it. There’s a lot of shame and guilt in drinking but sobriety, though challenging, leads to a new lease on life.”

Looking and feeling better is one of the more obvious benefits of beating addiction. Substance abuse greatly weakens the body, both in the long and short term. Some of the short term effects include hangovers, withdrawal symptoms, dehydration and poor nutrition. Continued abuse eventually leads to a longer, more serious, list of ailments. Those who abuse opiates often end up malnourished, while those who abuse alcohol end up with anemia or liver disease. Anxiety and depression are also common among people who abuse drugs and alcohol, and both of these conditions can seriously impact their physical wellbeing. People who manage to stop using drugs and alcohol notice a profound difference in the way they look and feel. They feel more energetic and motivated — and generally take much better care of themselves.

Freeing oneself from drug and alcohol abuse also leads to improved sleep. Disrupted sleep is very common among those who abuse substances, and even in the early stages of sobriety, many find it difficult to fall and stay asleep. Being sober for a long period of time eventually leads to better rest, however. Quality sleep gives the body time to heal not only from the damage caused by drugs and alcohol but also from the normal, everyday strain life puts on the body. Having a sober companion can help the person struggling with addiction stay on the sober path until benefits like better sleep become more apparent.

One of the biggest benefits of getting sober is saving money. “There are also financial reasons to quit drinking or using drugs,” says The Discovery House’s article. “Drugs and alcohol cost money. Even if you didn’t spend a lot of money in the beginning, as tolerance develops, you need to increase your dosage continually to get the effects you want. All that money adds up. Also, when you’re fighting an addiction, you’ll be less likely to focus on earning, saving, or investing cash. Most (or all) of your money will go towards the addictive substance you use. However, when you’re sober, you’ll have more money. Not only will you be more motivated to earn a living but you’ll be more likely to save or invest the funds you make. Paying rent, buying groceries and participating in leisure activities become more feasible.”

Finally, sobriety leads to better and stronger relationships. This includes building new relationships from the ground up and repairing the ones damaged by addiction. Substance abuse is known to seriously damage relationships, and The Discovery House says that becoming sober is one of the first steps a person can take toward repairing those relationships. Living a more positive life attracts more positive people, which in turn improves their quality of life even more.

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