The Brown Firm in Atlanta Answers Frequently Asked Questions about Personal Injury Cases

The Brown Firm in Atlanta has posted a blog,, with detailed explanations for many questions to help accident victims understand their rights written by their top personal injury lawyers.

The top Atlanta personal injury law firm defines personal injury as a kind of physical or mental harm suffered by the victim due to someone else's negligent actions or inactions. The Brown Firm lists different types of accidents and suggests victims seek medical attention immediately, adding that health is the priority.

Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer

According to The Brown Firm, the victim must keep track of all of their costs after the accident, including medical bills and property damage. Top personal injury lawyers in Atlanta caution victims against admitting fault or speaking a word to anyone about the accident without consulting with their car accident lawyer.

The Brown Firm explains that a personal injury attorney understands what it takes to sue the negligent party and how much compensation the victim could expect.

In Atlanta, the top car accident lawyer is aware of the statute of limitations in the state that requires filing a compensation claim within a specified time limit.

A victim is entitled to compensation for their economic and non-economic damages, explains The Brown Firm. This means they can get compensation for economic damages such as property damage, medical expenses, and lost wages and non-economic damages such as pain and suffering.

The Brown Firm explains that a vast majority of lawsuits are based on negligence. The defendant is responsible for failing to exercise the standard of care contributing to the victim’s injuries.

According to the top personal injury attorneys in The Brown Firm, some “lawsuits or claims can also be based on an intentional wrong. An intentional wrong is when someone intentionally harms you. That deliberate act can be used as the basis for a personal injury lawsuit.”

Although the state’s statute of limitations determines how long a victim has to make a claim and the fact that some accident cases that make it to trial have disputed facts or a contested legal issue. The Brown Firm attorneys suggest to quickly file a personal injury claim, “With cases like these, the court may rule either way. The quicker and more carefully you build your case, the more likely you and the other at-fault party will reach an appropriate settlement.”

The #1 Atlanta personal injury law firm emphasizes the importance of hiring t an experienced attorney to file a lawsuit. Top attorneys at the law firm caution victims against representing themselves in a case, as they will be required to follow all of the formalities for filing case documents that a lawyer specializes in.

The Brown Firms attorneys in Atlanta emphasize the need for getting immediate medical treatment for the victim and contacting an experienced lawyer to help with the compensation claim. Victims can focus on healing, while The Brown Firm focuses on successfully pursuing the victim’s monetary compensation claim. The Brown Firm is committed to serving victims and getting personal injury victims the best settlement possible.

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