The Brown Firm in Athens, GA Explain A Wrongful Death Claim

In Athens, the Brown Firm has released a blog on wrongful death claims. The blog post asserts that a wrongful death claim is applicable when a victim dies due to the defendant’s negligent actions. Negligent acts of a wrongful death case can be intentional, such as murder, or unintentional, such as in a car accident.

As an experienced fatal accident attorney, Harry Brown, Jr., DC, JD, knows the intricacies of a wrongful death claim. He, and his team at The Brown Firm in Athens, can do everything to help the victim’s loved one’s file and win the compensation against the defendant.

The blog post explains a wrongful death claim is typically filed by the spouse or children of the deceased. Examples of who can be held responsible in a wrongful death include the at-fault driver of a fatal car accident, a business owner not keeping up on safety requirements, a doctor not diagnosing a fatal condition, among many more reasons.

The Brown Firm attorneys are aware of the laws governing the state and work tirelessly to prove negligence or breach of duty of care that caused the death. The blog post finds that proving someone’s negligence in a wrongful death claim is a complex process as circumstances differ in each case.

An experienced Athens wrongful death attorney can evaluate the case and take necessary steps based on the evidence to prove the offender's negligence. They work hard to prove damages or losses for which survivors or loved ones of the deceased are eligible for receiving compensation.

A wrongful death claim can include compensation for the deceased expenses, such as medical bills from the injury that caused the death, funeral and burial expenses, and pain and suffering from before they passed. It also includes compensation for the survivors, such as loss of consortium, loss of love and companionship, loss of income, and more.

The Brown Firm team of wrongful death lawyers in Athens specializes in representing families of the deceased to file a compensation claim against the at-fault party. They are experts at handling wrongful death lawsuits. Anyone who has lost a loved one due to negligence deserves compensation for their loss. The top wrongful death lawyers can evaluate the case during consultation and suggest the right course of action.

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