The Brown Firm Car Accident Lawyer in Atlanta Explains Potential Car Accident Compensation and Litigation

Harry Brown, a well-known and well-respected Atlanta Car Accident Attorney, has published a helpful blog post explaining some of what victims of a car accident need to understand with regard to their potential long-term considerations. When faced with the fallout from an accident, people naturally wonder what level of compensation they might be able to expect. This blog gives some details and explanation around that.

For example, some people who have been injured in a car accident find it very difficult or even impossible to drive for a period of time. Obviously, physical injuries often happen in car accidents. There are so many concerns after the trauma of a wreck that people frequently find it difficult to cope with.

Mr. Brown is uniquely qualified to counsel accident victims because not only is he a lawyer and the managing partner of the Brown Firm; he was a practicing chiropractor for many years. He said, “There aren’t many attorneys who are also medical practitioners.” Harry continued, “That background means I am clear about how best to work with other attorneys, hospitals and healthcare providers, and insurance companies to best help the people I serve.”

Most people are aware that they may need to find a Lawyer after car accident. The blog post published talks about the fact that every situation is different, but that there are some basic things to think about and some areas which victims can expect to be compensated in the long run.

These areas include property damage, medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. It can be easy to expect that when there has been serious injury and suffering that the compensation will be very, very high, but those huge settlements or judgment are not typically the case, according to Mr. Brown’s blog.

Accident victims must stay aware that insurance companies very often will try to get the lowest possible settlement, which is one of the reasons why it’s important to speak to an attorney before signing anything when an accident has occurred. The type of lawyer that a person who has suffered an accident will need is a specialist in Personal Injury Law, such as the Brown Firm.

Mr. Brown also said that accident victims need to take particular steps to best protect themselves. “The first thing that will be needed is any evidence that is available from the police, such as accident reports,” he said. “If it’s possible to photograph damage from the accident as well, that can be very helpful.”

Talking to an expert such as Mr. Brown is actually the first step that should be taken, but after the trauma of an accident, many people simply want to know a basic ballpark figure as to what they can expect financially after an accident through no fault of their own.

Mr. Brown said that settlements vary wildly, due to a tremendous number of factors ranging from how recklessly the other person was driving to the severity of the physical damage. “Having said that, the settlements seem to waver in and around the neighborhood of $21,000. It’s not uncommon at all to see cases settle for anywhere between $14,000 and $28,000. But of course, every situation is different.”

The blog post the firm published also points out that there are calculators on other websites that can help people estimate what they may recover after they have been in an accident. One of the Brown Firm’s Clients, Tara Reed, said, “There is no substitute with actually working with a good law firm. I had gone to one of those calculators and was told that I couldn’t expect more than $2,000 from the accident I was in. The Brown Firm recovered nearly ten times that amount!”

The Brown Firm offers virtual consultations at no cost and with no obligation. They take these personal injury cases on a contingency basis, which means that if there is no settlement or award, there will be no fees due to the firm.


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