The Best POS Reseller Program Available In New Mexico

US-based Total Touch is pleased to bring its POS Reseller Program to Resellers in New Mexico. The program is aimed at helping point of sale resellers close more deals with restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. It offers uncapped income growth, the potential for portfolio expansion, fast closing of deals, greatly increased client retention and integrated POS solutions. The system offers cutting edge restaurant, bar and nightclub payment solutions that can help improve the merchants' business. Read about the POS Reseller program at

“If you want to be a successful POS dealer, you have to offer your restaurant owners and managers the best point of sale solutions,” the POS company says. “You can be a leader in the payments industry with the help of Total Touch. We offer comprehensive training programs, a dedicated customer service team and payment processing solutions that are the best in the business to help you stay ahead of the curve. POS Resellers can take their business to the next level with the right tools and the support that we provide.”

Those who join the POS Reseller Program will have access to a number of advantages over competitors in their industry. To begin with, Total Touch works with the majority of payment processors, and this in turn allows merchants to select their preferred merchant services provider. The majority of point of sale dealers are interested in increasing their revenue streams, and with Total Touch’s preferred payment processors they can create a more sustainable business model.

Thanks to the fact that it is a server based system, Total Touch offers cloud based reporting capabilities which enable clients to minimize downtime and maintain confidence in their ability to handle even their busiest times. This hybrid model also provides managers total control, thereby enabling them to monitor the performance of their business from anywhere.

All of this leads to an increase in profit opportunities. As Total Touch says, “There are numerous advantages to collaborating with the same company for both POS software and payment processing. Choosing the Best Point of Sale Reseller Program is critical to the success of your business. When merchants select Total Touch Point of Sale software and Electronic Merchant Systems as their payment processor, they can streamline their operations and concentrate on growing their business. If your client's staff is spending an inordinate amount of time operating an overly complicated point of sale system, or if it fails to operate during the dinner rush, they need an upgrade.”

Total Touch offers open table management which can greatly enhance the overall guest experience. This means that clients can optimize tables to help reduce long wait times and increase checkout speed, allowing them to do more business overall — thanks in part to optimization between the front office and the back office. It also offers a variety of payment options. Through an innovative point of sale system like Total Touch, restaurant owners can split checks by seat or item, which greatly enhances the customer’s dining experience and increases the likelihood of repeat business. Finally, Total Touch offers a number of advantages when it comes to online and mobile ordering. Businesses need to quickly transition to having both a physical location and offering virtual alternatives, and Total Touch’s online and mobile ordering capabilities make it an excellent option for any business.

The factor that makes Total Touch one of the best POS systems for businesses, however, is the ease of use it offers. The company says, “Outdated restaurant register systems can be a major impediment to your customers. They can be unreliable and clunky, and they can slow down your clients' entire business, resulting in revenue loss. Total Touch is a dependable and simple-to-use system. As one of the most powerful restaurant point of sale software, it will handle your clients' busiest times while providing a user-friendly experience for their servers and bartenders. This enables more effective business interactions between customers and servers, as well as improved user experiences, increased retention and increased revenue.”

For more information on the Total Touch point of sale dealer program, interested parties may visit the link provided. They are revolutionizing how dealers conduct sales, and switching to Total Touch could have a profound effect on any business’ operations.


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