The Abuse Guardian Of Pennsylvania Announces His Next Webinar

Philadelphia, PA – Brian Kent, Esq., the primary sponsor of, will be hosting another webinar on Wednesday, Nov. 3, 2021, at 3 p.m. EST through Zoom. To sign up for the event or learn more about the Abuse Guardian of Pennsylvania, call (215) 515-9889 or visit their website at

Not only is sexual assault lawyer Brian Kent, Esq. the main sponsor of, he also represents victims and survivors of abuse in the service areas of Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Allentown, Frankford, Richmond, Carroll Park, Wissinoming, Logan, Washington, Ognotz, Somerset, Uniontown, Chambersburg, Bethel Park, Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Erie, Scranton, and New Castle.

Courtroom View with Abuse Guardian PA Contact Info

As the “Abuse Guardian” of Pennsylvania, Attorney Kent has had many years of legal experience in handling cases like sexual abuse, sexual assault, child abuse, and child molestation. Sexual harassment, clergy abuse, priest assault, doctor assault, hospital abuse, sex trafficking and more. The webinar will be discussing the many “types of actions that are considered harassment and what someone should do if they were or has been a victim of sexual abuse,” stated Brian Kent, Esq. of the Laffey Bucci Kent’s law firm.

“Our sexual assault lawyers in Pennsylvania will also be talking about the many symptoms victims of assault exhibit so that more people could be aware if a loved one is being subjected to abuse,” he continues to say.

Brian Kent, Esq. will be offering legal advice and services out of his law firm’s office at 1435 Walnut St. #700-B, Philadelphia, PA, 19102.

To stay informed about the Pennsylvania Abuse Guardian, look out for their future press releases and read the previous one here.


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Abuse Guardian - PA
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