The 7 Hilarious Picture Books Flipping the Script

Children's book author Daniel Williamson has announced a kickstarter project for a follow up to his previous bilingual children's picture book series. The new project launched July 2021 follows on the success of the author's best-selling “Look at Me I’m Learning,” a bilingual picture book series for children between 3-6 years of age.

Readers learned how to use simple phrases in both English and the language of the individual book. To date the books have been translated into more than 10 different languages.

Following the popularity of this series, the author is launching a kickstarter project in order to bring a follow-up titled ‘Look at Me I’m Going…’ to fruition. This new series helps young children to learn a new language but also gain valuable knowledge about the country they visit in the story including food, music, art, history and culture. The book's main character explores France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Brazil.

Daniel Williamsons flipping the script

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Author Daniel Wiilamson commented, "I believe there is a real need in the world for bilingual picture books. Before I published the first bilingual series, I used to send his funny rhyming stories to my mother who read them to all the children aged 2 to 5 at her nursery. She expressed that the stories were so well received, even without any pictures, and immediately we both realized the need was there and in short order I committed to writing stories full time."

There are currently more books in the works from this unique and dynamic author who has already published seven hilarious children's picture rhyming books. Whimsical titles such as "The Bee that Made Jam" about daring to be different and going against the flow. Another favorite among children and parents is his "Mr. Maboo and the Poo in the Shoe".

Current Book Titles by Daniel Williamson

When asked what the future holds, Daniel responded, “It feels great to have gotten to this point and published my 7 rhymers which are all close to my heart. I’m very much looking forward to the launch of my new bilingual series due out in the summer 2021 which I know will be a huge success.

“The plan is to create and publish picture books for the next 10 years and with my sights set on having 100 published books. I’m building something that not only I can be proud of, but my daughter too. It also feels amazing to have a job where I’m spreading joy to the world one step at a time.”

Those who are interested in knowing more about Daniel Williamson and his books can check out his website and contact him by phone or email. He is also currently taking bookings for free author visits to local schools and virtual author visits worldwide.

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