Texas’ Cocaine Problem Has Been Overshadowed By Opioids

Spring Branch, Texas — Ripple Ranch Recovery Center, a rehab facility based in Texas, has published a blog post explaining the side effects of cocaine as well as the severity of cocaine use in Texas. The post was written to draw attention to stimulant misuse, which has been largely overshadowed by the nation’s opioid epidemic in recent years.

“Cocaine misuse is a serious issue that can make people feel very isolated,” said a representative of Ripple Ranch. “We want people who are struggling with a cocaine addiction to know that they’re not alone.”

According to the post, a 2016-2017 study from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 1.47% of Texans 12 years of age and older had used cocaine at least once within a year of that study, which accounts for nearly half a million Texans. The Addiction Research Institute at the University of Texas at Austin found that in 2018, 886 deaths in Texas could be tied back to cocaine misuse. Ripple Ranch believes that number can be lowered through high-quality treatment for cocaine addiction.

The National Institute on Drug Addiction found that in 2013, “Cocaine accounted for almost 6% of all admissions to drug abuse treatment programs.” With so many people seeking treatment for cocaine addiction, it is important that their treatment be effective.

Cocaine addiction is a serious issue in Texas and across the nation. While the opioid epidemic is a serious and dangerous issue, it is important that it not be the sole focus of the public or professionals in the recovery community. Many people are suffering from cocaine addiction and need treatment in order to prevent cocaine misuse from becoming an epidemic of its own.

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