Texans Save Big on Monthly Electricity Bills with ElectricityShark.com

Electricity rates in Texas are some of the lowest in the United States. With a deregulated and fiercely competitive energy market, power companies throughout the state vie for customers with all sorts of offers and incentives, but with so many choices at their fingertips, customers may still not be choosing the lowest rates available to them through lack of knowledge. This is the exact problem ElectricityShark.com was designed to solve, giving Texas households and businesses the opportunity to save even more money on their monthly energy costs, in a safe and private online space that is simple and free to use.

Those interested in using this free and fast service can simply visit the company’s website, enter their desired zip code, and are immediately presented with all the electricity plans available to them at one glance. Details about each plan are displayed as well, with contact information for the electric company they wish to sign up with. Choosing the lowest available electricity rate in Texas has never been easier.

Electricity comparison Texas

“Our desire for ElectricityShark.com was to simply offer a bare-bones, simple approach to shopping for electricity rates in Texas,” Jared Glazier, co-owner of ElectricityShark.com, says. “For anyone moving to the area or setting up a business, the power to choose the cheapest electric rate is an added benefit that makes it that much more affordable to live and work in this great state.”

The design of the site is as simple as can be and requires no registration or collection of any private data. ElectricityShark.com does not harvest any user data for resale to outside parties. User privacy is a top priority for the company, so there should be no worry from anyone concerned with receiving endless spam in their inbox or pesky calls blowing up their phones throughout the day.

“For as long as we’re able, we will continue connecting Texans with the cheapest power rates available in a safe, responsible way, with their privacy in mind,” Glazier says.


To take advantage of the lowest electricity rates in what is an already very affordable energy market, interested customers should visit https://www.electricityshark.com to see the specific plans that are available to them, and how much they can expect to save on their monthly electricity bills. It is important to understand all the cheap plans that are available, and the first step in finding those rates starts with ElectricityShark.com.


For more information about ElectricityShark.com, contact the company here:

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