Termite Specialists Whittier Notice of Merger

Termite Specialists Whittier has been providing pest control services to Los Angeles County for over fifteen years. The company has a team of twenty five professional exterminators that fight continuously to keep the area pest free. They have helped thousands of families and business owners rid their residential and commercial properties of pest infestations. The company offers custom termite and pest services that are each built specifically for each species of pest, emergency services for wild and distressed animals, and routine checkups to make sure the pests stay out.

In a recent interview, the president of the company announced that it will be merging with another local company that is preferring to stay unnamed. The merger states that Termite Specialists Whittier will give the company brand new pest control equipment, pest control utility vehicles, and ten new employees. This will give the company the ability to grow even further. This spike in growth will allow the company to help way more families in the area with pest infestations.

The president went on to talk more about the merger, “Termite Specialists Whittier has been providing reliable pest control service to families in the area for decades. Our reliable services guarantee the best, long-lasting results. This merger is going to help us grow even more. The new equipment will help us perform our treatments faster and more reliably. The utility vans will help us get to our clients on time and easily organize equipment. We are extremely excited to hire ten new exterminators that are all excited to get started this next week. They all have a lot of experience with pest control and have great work ethic.

The company has noticed a rise in infestations in the area. An employee of the company talked about this increase in infestations, “We have noticed a large increase in the number of pest infestations in Los Angeles County. We believe this is because the pests are becoming more resilient to everyday pest control like over the counter products and do it yourself methods. Because of this, professional pest control services are becoming the only option.”

When property owners suspect a pest infestation, they can reach Termite Specialists Whittier today by phone or at their website - https://termitecontrolwhittier.com/. Their hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. every day except for Sunday. The company has multiple good reviews all saying that their services are reliable and quick.


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