Termite Solutions for Santa Ana Notice of Merger

Termite Solutions for Santa Ana recently announced that they will be merging with another unnamed company in Orange County. Termite Solutions for Santa Ana has been around for a long time and has helped thousands of families with pest infestations, including bed bug treatments, over the years. Their services have high star reviews and are known to be effective and fast.

The services they offer are all custom built specifically for each species of pests. They do not offer a generalized treatment. This offers the most efficient and effective ways of handling each infestation out there.

Their goal is to constantly grow their service area to help as many people with pest infestations as possible. The company has been growing like crazy over the past few years and the CEO thinks this merger will help boost the growth even more. In a recent interview the CEO said, “Our team of highly trained professional exterminators has been around helping families with pest infestations for a very long time. Over the years we have grown way bigger than what we used to be so now we can help more people than ever. Pest infestations are on the rise right now and because of that our team has been very busy trying to keep up with the ongoing battle against pests. We know this merger is going to be great for the company and help win the battle against the pests.”

The merger states that Termite Solutions for Santa Ana will receive fifteen new employees, fifteen new utility vehicles, and all new pest control equipment. The new employees seem excited to start work and the entire team is happy to get brand new equipment. The merger will help them control pest infestations around the area more efficiently and effectively.

A representative went on to talk about the rise in pest infestations in Orange County, “Pests are getting more resilient to everyday treatments. Because of this they are spreading and multiplying way more than they ever have before. This causes more families to be burdened with the stress of having a pest infestation in their home. Professional treatments can get rid of any pest infestation in the area so we are fighting hard to control this rise in pest problems.”

The company is well known in the area and has been given multiple high star reviews. They encourage residents and property owners to contact them if they suspect an issue with bugs or rodents. They can be contacted by phone or on their website at https://termiteexterminatorsantaana.com/ for a free consultation.

They are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturdays. They are closed on Sundays. Their services are known to be fast and affordable so that every family can have a pest free home or business.


For more information about Termite Solutions for Santa Ana, contact the company here:

Termite Solutions for Santa Ana
Termite Solutions for Santa Ana
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