Temecula Party Bus Company Announce Premium Amenities for their Party Bus Rentals in Temecula CA

Temecula Party Bus Company, a leading party bus rental company in Temecula, CA is providing premium amenities in their party bus rental fleet for group event transportation. For group transportation, the company’s buses feature amenities such as LCD monitors, reclining seats, power outlets, free Wi-Fi, and bathrooms. The buses can be equipped with minibars and multiple dance poles. They can include drinks, party music, and much more. The company also welcomes special request for luxury features and accommodations to fit the group’s type of preferred environment.

Company representative, Leroy Tsosie, had this to say. “We understand that every group has different wants and desires for their transportation needs to make their events fun and memorable for years to come. That is why we offer so many options in order to service any type of event and group. We are a one stop shop and are excited to help everyone, regardless of their financial background, to have the ability to explore Temecula stylishly and enjoyably.”

Party Bus Company

Temecula Party Bus Company is the premier party bus rental company in Temecula, CA. The company offers buses in many shapes, colors, and sizes. The types of party buses the company offers are their 12 Passenger Bus, 20 Passenger Bus, 30 Passenger bus, 40 Passenger Bus, and 50 Passenger Bus.

Temecula Party Bus Company’s 12 Passenger bus, which is the smallest bus in their fleet, will accommodate 10 to 12 guests and comes fully loaded with iPod connections, mood lighting, comfortable seating and more to provide the atmosphere partygoers would prefer.

The 20 Passenger Bus will fit 14 to 20 group members and can be customized to suit the group members’ preferred environment.

There is the 30 Passenger Bus for those with larger groups of 21 to 30 members. This one is considered the company’s medium size bus and comes fully loaded with luxury features

Temecula Party Bus Company’s next type of party bus is their 40 Passenger Bus. The party bus features enough room for 40 passengers and will come loaded with a wide range of options including mini bars dance poles, and a large dance floor.

The largest party bus Temecula Party Bus Company offers is their 50 Passenger Bus. This bus can also be equipped with minibars, dance poles, and is fit for formal or informal events. This party bus, as well as all the others can be converted to suit the needs and desired environment of the group renting the bus.

The costs of renting a party bus varies and is affected by the type of vehicle rented, the party bus package, any special requests and luxury features, the number of passengers, the day and time the party bus is needed for pickup and drop off. Temecula Party Bus Company is available to assist with the planning of group transportation to help customers make the right vehicle selection for their group event. Those interested in transportation planning assistance should call the company’s customer service department at 951-309-7585.

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