Tectum Roofing Contractor Works With GAF And Local Manufacturers Amid Material Shortage

Colorado Springs, CO based Tectum Roofing is utilizing their quality connections with GAF and other roofing manufacturers to ensure that customer projects are not held back due to material shortages. Tectum is a quality driven roofing company that is highly rated throughout Colorado, and they take pride in their honest approach to their customers by only recommending upgrades, materials and projects that need to be done. Tectum means ‘roof’ in Latin, and the company has made a name for themselves in exactly that.

Tectum designs, fabricates and installs architectural sheet metal roofs, facias and soffits for customers who want an aesthetically pleasing home or commercial property, without sacrificing durability. The company’s on-site roll forming, and in-house fabrication team can shape, weld, and finish a wide variety of metals to fit any roof. It is an accepted fact that material shortages have affected commercial and residential roofing overall. The shortages have led to consequences for many building projects, but for Tectum’s customers, this has not been a challenge. With the company’s connections to partners like GAF and other recognized local manufacturers, they have ensured that they are able to source the necessary supplies in order to finish projects on time. Whether it is for a home or for a business, Tectum will have the job done, just as planned.

Regardless of whether a customer has to follow the Historical Society’s guidelines for a project or if they have their own vision, the Tectum design team is ready to help. There are several popular architectural sheet metal options available for existing and new construction applications to provide custom patinas or colors. Some of these options include standing seam roofing, corrugated metal roofing, wall panels, fascia, trims, cupolas and chimney caps. What makes Tectum stand out when compared to other roofing construction services, however, is their ability to customize on demand. Tectum has built a reputation for being the preferred custom metal roofing company in Colorado. The company does custom on-site form rolling and in-house fabrication to create the most eye-catching, durable and long-lasting roofs available. By having a team that can create custom metal on-site, the company has eliminated long lead times, shipping costs and logistics issues by a considerable degree. For customers who have a dream home in mind, Tectum’s residential roofing services are a great choice.

Sheet metal has a unique combination of aesthetics, performance, and durability that few other roofing materials can match. Roofing contractors can utilize sheet metal for a variety of purposes since it is extremely robust. Tectum creates custom metal roofing, seamless gutters, and attractive accents for residential and commercial installations using on-site roll forming and an in-house fabrication shop. Sheet metal is an excellent option because it is both long-lasting and adaptable. The advantages of bespoke metal roofing extend beyond their attractive appearance. The team offers their expertise in order to assist their customers in selecting architectural metal roofing that meets their individual requirements. The company has a range of solutions for energy-efficient roofing, environmentally friendly roofing, weather and fire-resistant roofing, and specialized roofing. Tectum combines experienced advice with unrivaled craftsmanship.

Tectum also offers installation of rainscreen and gutter systems. A rainscreen system, also known as a composite wall panel system, is an exterior cladding technology that sits away from a building's weather-resistant barrier on the outer wall. This generates an air void just behind the cladding, protecting the outside envelope of the building. Thanks to their on-site roll forming, Tectum can also construct gutter systems that not only improve the curb appeal of a home or business, but also protect it from water damage. The team can provide a variety of gutter systems, including seamless gutters in five and six inches, seamless box gutters in seven inches, and six-inch half-round gutters. Steel, aluminum, and copper are just a few of the metals the team uses to make unique box gutters. Gutter screens can also be installed as needed.

To learn more about Tectum Roofing, customers are invited to begin by visiting the company’s website. Alternatively, they can contact a representative via phone or email. Some of the company’s industrial and commercial roofing services include the Roof Asset Management Program (RAM), free roof evaluations, metal roofing, low-slope/flat roofing, green/garden/leed roofing, tile and slate roofing, silicone roof coatings, acrylic roof coating and waterproofing. Customers may ask about any of these services and more.


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