Team Hochberg Announces Services Assisting With FHA Home Buying Programs

Northbrook, Illinois -

David Hochberg, from Chicago home financing company Team Hochberg, is announcing their services to help people buy the perfect home in and around the Chicago area. With an office in Northbrook, Illinois, near Chicago, Team Hochberg endeavors to help homebuyers who want to know more about what kind of house they can afford given their current financial circumstances. Team Hochberg is especially interested in finding homes for veterans, or at least providing their services to veterans who want help buying a good home at a great price, and who would like to take advantage of various offers that may be available to them, thanks to their veteran status. The firm is also interested in working with homeowners who want to refinance their homes.

Home prices in the Chicago area are expected to increase this year, even while the number of sales are likely to decrease. In the state of Illinois, nearly seventeen thousand homes were sold in September 2021, which was 7 percent fewer houses than sold a year earlier, in September of 2020. In that time, median home prices in the state rose over 5%. Chicago, as the third largest city in America, and one of its hottest real estate markets, often has homes selling below listing price, which makes it a great place for home buyers to find their perfect new home. Among neighborhoods where houses are available for sale in Chicago, Beverly, a neighborhood on the South Side, has a range of housing styles, from brick bungalows to large Craftsman-style homes. Beverly is known for its Irish roots, and so has a number of Irish pubs and great events celebrating Irish heritage, such as the South Side Irish Parade.

Team Hochberg - Chicago

Another great neighborhood for buying a home in Chicago is Edison Park, which is removed from hectic city life and conveniently only 15 minutes away from Chicago O’Hare International Airport, making it a great location for frequent travelers. There’s also Lake View, right on the edge of Lake Michigan, which is great for singles and young professionals. This neighborhood has lots of affordable townhomes and condos, and has great access to transit, nightlife and more. Regardless of where, in or out of the city, a person is looking to buy a home, the professionals of Team Hochberg can help interested homebuyers purchase the home of their dreams. They are able to walk home buyers through the steps in the process to buying a home, whether someone is a veteran home buyer or a first time home owner, and help them understand how to organize their finances to make buying a home possible.

To learn more about Team Hochberg and the services they offer, visit their website. The company also profiles on Facebook and Instagram, where they post a variety of content, between these platforms and their website, from information about home buying to inspirational quotes and more. The team even has a radio show, Home Sweet Home Chicago, on local radio station WGN Chicago, hosted by David Hochberg, who talks to listeners about their home owning and home buying concerns. Recent episodes of the Home Sweet Home Chicago show include conversations about insurance, home equity, radon reduction services and more. Hochberg brings in local experts to share their knowledge and answer listener questions.

Team Hochberg is excited to help the future home buyers of the Chicago area purchase homes that will make them happy for years to come. Whether home buyers are buying their first home, and need assistance with understanding FHA home buying programs, or veterans interested in learning more about what the VA has to offer them, Team Hochman will bring their professionalism and extensive knowledge to the table, working with home buyers to secure the resources necessary for their upcoming home purchase. Anyone looking to buy a home in the Chicago area can reach out to them today for expert advice and guidance on all things home financing.


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